[PLANNED] Threads in Comments

Hi again,

I asked over 6 months ago when you guys updated comments about the return of Threaded Comments. I am really missing that, not really sure why they were shelved and without them I have issues keeping a good flow in my comment streams inside Entities.

Here is what I posted back in March:

So I’d like to formally request this feature.

Also, in that post I asked about another intuitive keyboard functionality - using ctrl + enter to post a comment. That’s how many, many chat apps work and it’s the most intuitive way I think to comment. Would love to hear your guys’ thinking on this - do you plan to return that, or keep just plain enter
as the way to submit a comment?


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Second this, and in some places even Enter doesn’t work, you have to press a button I’m pretty sure. Would love to be able to commit comments with the keyboard and in a consistent way between highlight comments and extension comments in entity view.

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Great, thanks for supporting this with that additional context!!

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This will be added when we will improve communication in Fibery together with Notifications. Hopefully in the next 2-3 months.

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