Using new iteration of Comments

Hey guys, thought I’d post this here instead of asking Support directly as I figure the community may also be interested in these questions:

Great to see “/” commands available in comments, thanks! Just noticed it today. I had a few questions though around comments as a few other things I noticed I wasn’t sure about:

  • I don’t see the option to “reply” anymore. I thought that was great as threads are something I’d really like to see. Really keeps the comments in context and prevents a long string of comments that can easily get unwieldy quickly.

If you removed this by design, do you plan to bring back perhaps bonafide threads? Or otherwise keep the ability to reply to a topic and isolate that “conversation” inside a comment string? Would really like to see that feature maintained!

  • Does the keyboard shortcut “ctrl/cmd” + “enter” still add the comment? If not, what does not? Tried to type a comment and hit “return” to post it, that didn’t work. Again, really hoping for this feature - any keyboard shortcut to add the comment once it’s typed.

Thanks guys!

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Our Comments feature is still developing, so we are collecting feedback about it - so, thanks for the suggestions ~
For now, there are no shortcuts, but we are thinking of their sexy implementation in the nearest future.

@Polina_Zenevich thank you for the response, and I will be eagerly awaiting your guys’ improvements.

By the way, would be grateful if you could consider some of these requests for Comments. In particular, I have not seen any app out there other than Twist, a chat app we use, that asks you to explain what happens when you “resolve.” So what happens is you wind up checking the “resolve” box, and the comment disappears, and nobody can see anymore what actually was the issue originally, nor what got done to solve it. Would love to see you guys solve this!

Thank you again and keep up the great work!