[DONE] Add users to comments

Tried to do this but not sure if it’s possible. I would like to notify users in a comment.

@Adam Did you try to use @ to mention user? Do you mean inline comments in text or comments in an entity?

I highlighted some text on a page, add comment and would want to add someone to a comment here. This is separate to a comment on an entity.


@Adam Got it, there are no mentions in inline comments so far. We are going to fix that in near future.

Just thought I’d add in case comments is one of the features on your priority list @Adam a reference to this post:

One thing in particular I’m hoping the Fibery team can execute soon is Threaded Comments: Simply the ability to start a string of responses under the original. Really helps organize the discussion, and I think it would be very useful in this early stage before the larger Commenting iterations are built with some of the deeper features like controlling who a comment is sent to or asking for a comment when resolving.



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