Next iteration of Comments - Commenting when Resolving & assigning as tasks/reminders

Hi once more,

I wanted to make some suggestions for comments as you guys evolve them. This is coming mainly from my extended use of a ton of apps in the last several years, and none seem to be able to pull all the best methods for implementing comments all in one place. You guys have a good chance to do that now!

  • Resolving Comments

I’ve seen a great way to close out comment resolutions in some apps where they will prompt an extra comment around the “resolve” action. In most cases, you can simple check “resolve” and the comment may disappear, and take on the status as “resolved.” But in these implementations, it’s not clear what happened. So you can easily lose context and another user accessing the entity may not understand the resolution.

I think it would be great if there was some kind of prompt for one additional comment when resolving. This could be an option that the admin can set via preferences, if you guys don’t think all teams would want it.

Here is an illustration of our a chat app we use, Twist, handles this type of situation. It works very well, one of my favorite features of Twist.


Jira will also let you customize an issue so when moving to a certain “done” status, a box will pop up asking for what happened to resolve the issue, and that info is written into the comment string.

  • @mentioning acting like an “assigned” comment and mini todo: I’ve seen a few instances where @mentioning another user will create a sort of todo for them. This is very useful for things that might need to be done around an entity, but don’t warrant a full new task. For example, I was in a meeting going over some development items and a card came up with an incomplete description. My colleague said “oh, sorry, I’ll fill that in later.” So as the meeting moderator I was tempted to initiate a task for him, but that is a a lot of overhead. If I could simply in comments do a quick @mention to him and add “can you complete the description” that would be sufficient, but in order for this to get done with traceability, it would be great if this is something the Fibery system reminds him of. One idea would be to include all such assigned @mention reminders in a dashboard of “my work,” alongside assigned entities, if you guys plan such a dashboard.

Thanks guys and eager to hear if you think these are viable solutions!