Resolving comments

Whilst resolving comments is useful, it would still be good to see the decision that was made.

There are a couple of scenarios where this would be useful.

  • Just resolving a comment should show inactive comment so you can click to read.
  • When you remove text, the comment goes with it, which kind of logically makes sense but you would still need to let the person know that the change has occured and you have resolved the comment.

Agree. I think having access to all comments (even those that are no longer attached to any text) would help a lot and would allow you to also review past comments.
The notifications section kinda does some of that, but click one of those notifications, Fibery is no longer scrolling to the places where comments appeared, making it a bit unusable for navigating between past comments contexts. Plus not everyone has all notifications, while I think everyone should be able to easily access past comments.

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Wanted to point out that I have a very similar post here:

In particular wanted to draw attention to how the app Twist handles this, which I mentioned over in my post:

Thanks, and hoping to see this soon per @mdubakov post today: