Viewing sent Notifications and responses

As my team tries to use Fibery as a source-of-truth, we are hoping to keep our communication around our work, which we are attempting to bring entirely into Fibery, in Fibery.

We use commenting extensively to discuss our various tasks, meetings, projects, vendors, etc. etc. that we have tracked in Fibery. One thing we are starting to see over time however is that a lot of the comments with @mentions asking questions, or requesting feedback, from one team member to another, get lost. What happens is 1) the recipient of the comment might not respond, or 2) the sender of the comment isn’t able to track the request easily, because there is no place in Fibery to see @mentions or comments you have made in one place, similar say to “sent” in your Email client.

A few tools like Wrike and ClickUp have this feature, and it really helps keep communication organized in an app, without the need to out and out create a task for something like “hey, could you fill in the description in this entity” or other more “lite” requests within a team using Fibery. However this is a very important part of communication within Fibery, and without both the ability to see if your requests are responded to, and track the ones you sent, we are getting lost and stuff is getting through the cracks.

This would go great with my other request around being able to “assign” @mentions to insure they are read and responded to:

Happy to expand on this idea if I didn’t communicate this clearly to the community. Thanks!

Just to be clear, is the problem that people being @mentioned are not responding, or is it that the requester finds it hard to see the response?

If the former, then perhaps the focus needs to be on making notifications more visible/persistent/nagging, rather than putting the onus on the requester to investigate/chase up unresponsive colleagues.

If the latter, then perhaps the focus needs to be on making the request/response chain more discoverable

Interested to hear where you see the root cause of the problem to be…


If I read it correctly: the Requester finds it hard to track whether or not their @mentions have been responded-to.

I don’t know how Wrike and ClickUp handle it, but some sort of functionality to help track “anything I decide needs follow-up” would certainly be very useful!

I like the way Gmail handles this, where you can “Snooze” anything in your Inbox, which makes it disappear, but automatically pop up again in your Inbox after x days.

One way to handle this in Fibery might be:

  • Have the ability to Snooze any Notification.
  • A new tab on the Notifications window that shows Snoozed (upcoming) notifications.
  • An new tag (maybe @followup?) that works similarly to @mention, but creates a Snoozed notification for you. Basically a shortcut to @mentioning yourself, with a delayed notification.
  • Also the ability to directly tag any entity for follow-up via a menu in the entity-view; i.e., so you can tag an entity without having to enter a @followup comment in text somewhere.
  • It would also be useful to be able to associate a short description with a follow-up tag, that would appear in the follow-up notification, for a little extra context (“Um, why did I tag this?”).
  • And a new script action: “Tag entity for follow-up” (optionally specify User and description)

As someone who is in favor of a universal reminder/snooze function, I love the idea of snoozable Fibery notifications.

I agree it would be good to have a bit more information about how ClickUp and/or other apps handle this though, to see if there are transferrable ideas.


Guys @Oshyan @Matt_Blais and @Chr1sG , appreciate the quick responses on this one!

To clarify further, what I think would be extremely helpful is some kind of area, possibly in the future Dashboards feature, where you could track @mentions and comments - both of which are key parts of Notifications.

We have issue with both being able to see if somebody has responded to your mention, and keeping track of how many mentions you generate. In the above example, I don’t have a way to go back and see that I asked the colleague to fill in that Entity description unless I remember that I did that. So it’s easy to forget about it and ultimately lose track. But in this case I don’t want to go to the extent of creating a full-on entity for this need, that seems too much.

ClickUp handles this with something called “Assigned Comments”.

This is a good solution. In a nutshell, you can simply “Assign” a comment. What that does is that instead of just an @mention going to the recipient, the Assigned comments collect in an inbox, and both the sender and recipient can keep track of them. So this handles both of my needs. However, in the ClickUp version, which allows you to “resolve” the Assigned Comment, you aren’t required to make an additional comment when resolving. That is another feature I’d love to see in Fibery that I quoted above. Without that, somebody can simple “check off” the assigned comment, but not actually write anything about what was done. So the originator of the assigned comment is missing info that might be important. This is similar to the limitation of a checklist vs. a task that has a comments area for further detail.

In Wrike, you have an area where you can see all the mentions you sent. So like in Gmail, you can at least go back and get a list of all the requests you made, so you don’t have to remember them.

Really eager to see how much of this makes its way into Fibery, would be very helpful. Thanks again guys.

Oh and PS I really appreciate the extra votes @Chr1sG and reverting my status as “regular.” I had that for the longest time, but of late I’ve had “life” stuff to deal with and don’t have so much time to post around here. I will use those votes judiciously!


I know the feeling! Hope it’s been good stuff rather than bad :crossed_fingers:

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