Search in Notifications

I’d like to suggest a search functionality in Notifications.

The use case is that my team extensively uses comments to communicate around Fibery. We are building up a huge amount of notifications. We use them as sort of mini “to dos,” so often when we are hitting each other with several daily, we like to go back and find the ones we did not get to. The “read/unread” functionality isn’t great right now, because:

  • you get two notifications if you are an assignee and get an @mention
  • unread notifications don’t disappear, so you still have to sift through them to find older ones you are looking for

Without this capability it is hard to both remember, and track what you had @mentioned to you. This is very important in particular if your team uses these @mentions to ask others to do work in Entities that are tasks, etc.

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Wouldn’t it be better/similar effect just to solve the two issues you point out? Clearly the “2 notifications” issue just needs to be fixed, it’s bug (and if not already reported as such, it should be). As for read notifications not disappearing, perhaps a better approach here would be notification “filters”, e.g. “read only”/“unread only”, filtering by type, or by “database”…

Also seems like being able to assign comments and have an “assigned to me” view would help with this, which you have raised before (and is linked to from the thread you linked above).

Yes, I would like all of this to be integrated at some point as we’re talking about some very basic functionality that most other more developed apps have implemented.

Regarding specific ability to search notifications, I think there is utility in being able to do that across the history of your mentions. @mentions are a particular group of content within Fibery that are useful to keep, I think. I have many times needed to go back and look at older notifications. So like with any set of content that builds within Fibery as the instance grows, I think being able to search it is valuable. If the other functionality we are talking about, which is probably more sensible to have for a larger set of users, is done soon, the need to search notifications for sure would be a lower priority item.

Also knowing how these things work a bit given I am in software development, I wonder how complex a feature this would be to implement. What I’d like to see would be a very simple implementation that would just allow me to bring up old notifications when I remember a few keywords, but can’t exactly remember when I got them, or the exact task I was asked to do.

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Notifications are just messages, not data, so we will not implement search in notifications. However, we will make them work eventually. This is not a top priority for us, we are focusing on Blocks and Permissions.

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