[DONE] Turn "Notifications" into "Inbox"

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I have difficulty with the small notification window. I don’t feel sure that I’m managing what appears there and that I won’t miss something.

I’d love to see something that solves my job better, maybe something like Twist, Asana or Clickup do: an Inbox screen, separating what’s active or new from what I’ve marked as done or seen.

Has anything like this been discussed here?

I think of some possibilities as a step further, like allowing to add personal tasks for the day right there and allowing to have a block to reorder by what I think is priority, and the new notifications would appear in another block as “new”, in addition to separating what I marked as “made” or “seen”.

There has definitely been discussion of this before. I think this is the most similar overall request:

But I think yours is more clearly articulated as an overall concept, despite some significant similarities.


Thanks for the connection @Oshyan and I have just voted for this @Cali . Great to hear mention of Twist, as there is a ton of good from that app that could be brought over when Fibery expands its communication capability. My team heavily relies on comments and notifications, despite their flaws right now, so really can’t wait for them to improve.

Would you mind casting a vote on my post that Oshyan referenced:

I think we could use all he support on related posts we can get! The key point in my post is that it would be useful to see what you SENT as well as what was sent to you. This goes along with your point about Personal Tasks. Sometimes you want to @mention a colleague about something simple, like “@colleague, can you fill out the description of this task.” But if you can’t see you wrote that, it’s easy to lose track of it and not follow-up.



@mdubakov I wanted to respond to your message over here:

Since you closed that thread, I’m adding in my additional context in this thread.

I would like to ask that you to consider that over time, the activity users can generate in ranges of @mentions among other teammates does indeed constitute very relevant content that has a category of its own. I’d draw a similarity to Slack, which tons of teams use exclusively for messaging each other, making simple requests of a “to do” nature, etc. Slack has leveraged exceptional search functionality as one if its big selling points, and I think that they are right. Teams have a need to index and search their history of notifying each other outside other tools that are more “robust” that they use to compliment Slack, such as Work Management apps like Fibery.

In an initial run in Fibery, when a team is getting started and perhaps not using Fibery for all-out management of its work, then initially I agree notifications can seem to be not that relevant content. But when you are using Fibery actively day-in, day-out, as we have been doing, for a long time, what gets generated within notifications is a type of content that is worth its own very relevant “citizenship” in Fibery I would argue.

And, since Notifications are basically just comments with the addition of an @mention which makes them show up in the Notifications Pane, I hope you guys will consider this request still:

Ideally though, it would be great to be able to isolate the @mentions out of comments into a separate group of content that could be viewed on its own - in other words, “Notifications.” If ultimately you could search through only comments with a filter for @mentions, you would accomplish this as well.

Thanks for your consideration!


Implemented in latest release

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This is a huge step forward :clap: :star_struck:

Here is a related feature I’d love to see:

When I “@mention” someone in a comment, it would be very useful to be able to see/track whether (and when) that person has seen the comment.

Extra points if Fibery can “Notify me if person X has still not seen this comment after N days”.


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: That would be an awesome feature

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