Send Comments content via Email Notification or Slack


I’d like to make the request of some obvious Notifications functionality that I truly hope will be built soon: When you get a notification that is triggered by an @mention in a comment, the actual comment comes along in the Notification.

This is absolutely key for being able to communicate as a team effectively in a tool. Right now in Fibery, my team gets the regular, frequent notifications when somebody else comments, for example via Email, that just say “Team Member X commented” with a link. Depending on what somebody is doing, it can be very inconvenient to drop that activity, and try to log in to Fibery. Especially if you’re on a mobile device with the comment comes through, using an Email client that doesn’t play well with the browser where you use Fibery, etc. In particular in the post-Covid word asynchronous communication is absolutely paramount to a team’s effectiveness. So being forced to log into Fibery just to see what somebody commented is a real hindrance.

Thanks guys and hope this is coming soon, I can’t imagine it’s not planned!

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I think this now happens for email notifications. No additional context is there, just the new comment, but I think this is probably reasonable. The link in the notification also brings you right to the relevant comment thread, which is nice.

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Hey, we have been using Email, the Slack integration, and the Notifications pane, and since you brought this up, let me say that I’d really like to see some unification here: In Slack, you get the full context of the Comment, but only part of the Rich Text field if that’s where the notification takes place - I think. Slack brings in more context than the Notification pane itself, which is confusing. Generally I’d really like this all to work seamlessly and I feel like this was released untested and that’s why the three methods are not consistent. My team loses a lot of context and we spend time chasing comments due to these inconsistencies.

I do hope the team unifies how this all works when Notifications are improved. But I can say that from our point of view, this is probably one of the greatest drawbacks of Fibery right now as it takes huge effort from us to try to stay on top of overdue stuff, keep up with comments by remembering to @mention each and every person who needs to know about something - when if we could simply watch an entity that wouldn’t be necessary, and other basics of notifications like when something changes to “closed” informing watchers, etc.