Refer to Comments, and Public ID’s for Comments

Hi guys, I wanted to add another request around Comments:

As I have discussed around here, my team heavily relies on Comments in Fibery. Often in light of the great linking around Fibery, I find myself instinctively trying to link to a comment. So I wanted to request that Comments be surfaced as “referable items” like Docs and Views, alongside Entities.

I’d also like to add that it would be very useful if each Comment had its own visible Public ID. Some tools such as have that feature, and it’s useful.

There is already the ability to “copy link” on each comment, and when you do this you can see each comment has an ID. So if this could just be surfaced in the #command as well as unfurl like other entities when copied, you’d accomplish this goal. Hope it’s not too ambitious an ask, would really help supplement the existing excellent linking in Fibery!

Thanks for the consideration!

Interesting. I don’t have a need for this, but I think I can imagine how it could be useful. What it mainly makes me think of, though, is how one would actually search for individual comments to link to. That would require full content search, at least for Comments, and it could be challenging to find a given comment as - for one reason at least - there are often semi-repetitive things said in comments.

I suppose this could suggest a future benefit to further extending the Search filtering to elements within a given Type. In other words when you search, you can click a Type to filter by that Type, but then perhaps to the right of that you have a list of the “parts” (not just “fields” necessarily) of that type to further filter to. So you could limit the search to only a given Rich Text field for example, or only the Comments field in your situation. Without that it could be workable but would be more challenging to actually find stuff in practice, I think. At a minimum we’d need a clear way to identify which field within a Type each result was coming from IMO.

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Note: I have since gained a good deal of experience using Obsidian, which presents a pretty good model for how this kind of “deep” search might work quite functionality. It turns out it’s not nearly as unwieldy as I imagined. Essentially it relies on the fact that linking is hierarchical in this situation, in that the Comment is on part of a Rich Text/Document/Entity somewhere. So you do need to first remember what entity it was to find it, but then it’s not too bad too search for it. I do still have a lot of uncertainty about how usable a full text search within comments would really be unless, again, you remembered some really specific words, or dates, or something, which might well be just as easily facilitated by relying on knowing the Entity to start your search with.

RemNote presents another good example of this: