Link to/reference Entity from in-line Rich Text Comments

We have the ability to @mention from in-line (Rich Text selection) comments, which is very important for basic workflows, of course. But I also find myself really wanting the ability to #mention/reference Entities from within comments, which does not seem to be possible at all. It of course works in the Comments Field, but not for in-line Rich Text comments.

There are many obvious examples of why this is useful. For the same reasons an entity reference might be used in a comment field, you would want to do it in in-line comments, e.g. making a reference with a comment. Let’s say it is an incoming piece of feedback and we see a suggestion related to another. If we could Reference/#mention in Rich Text comments, we could just select the piece of text in question, make a comment, and link to the entity it relates to, like this:

This seems similar to #existing-entity, however it adds the following interesting idea, which blah blah. Hey @work-colleague, let’s see if we can figure out how to articulate this and incorporate it into the #rfp for next week’s discussion.")

Currently I think we would have to use a Linked Highlight, but this adds no Context. We would then add a Comment to the Referenced entity to add our Context, but A: this disconnects the reference from the comment about why (especially without Add comments inline to Activity Stream, and B: it still requires the @mention in a comment to get the attention of @work-colleage so we can discuss the feedback on the feedback item itself.

Apologies if this is a duplicate request, I couldn’t find another instance.

I think you are getting at some needed functionality for me, too, but I can’t actually understand what you are talking about, sorry. The only place I’m not aware you can reference entities is in the plain text boxes that are available:

Refer to Comments, and Public ID’s for Comments. This is actually available already in ClickUp and Asana. When somebody says something in a comment you want to quote elsewhere, it would be great to grab that comment and refer to it.

And I agree the linked highlight I have not found useful, in fact we never use it, but probably link to 100’s of entities and views around Fibery daily because that is such a great functionality!

and wish I could vote for this!

I’m talking about when making in-line comments (select text and add Comment) in a Rich Text somewhere (e.g. Entity Description, or in a Document). In either case you cannot #mention an Entity. You can @mention people though.

I do find Linked Highlights useful on occasion, but would find them even more useful if I could add a comment to the highlight, or just do what I’m describing here which is highlight+comment then add a link/reference.

I went through and redistributed some of my votes recently for this reason. :sweat_smile:

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Ok thanks understood, yes would love to be able to mention entities within those in-line comments, and would love this, too:

I don’t have any votes to redistribute, already need the ones I have out there staying put :frowning:

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We’ll re-do comments soon and it will be included. All comments will be as powerful as rich edit fields in general

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