Adding some context of referring Entity to Highlights References

Hi guys,

As I use references more and more - and thanks again for the great feature - I am noticing that it would be helpful if the context of the mentioning Entity also came across in the reference. This is relevant particularly in these cases:

  • Distinguishing if a reference was in an Entity’s main “body,” or comment stream, as both can have entities

  • If you are using Rich Text fields for multiple purposes. Incidentally this is a huge bonus of Fibery that you can create many Rich Text fields. For example, in the case of “Projects” you could have things like “Project Goal,” “Requirements,” “Questions” and “Project Conclusion.”

In the case of references in each of those Rich Text areas, it would be great if you could see where the reference happened. Otherwise you just see that the reference was in the “Project” entity, but a good deal of context is lost because you don’t know the rest of the context of where that reference was written. There is a big difference if it was written in the “Project Goal” vs “Project Conclusion” sections

Thanks guys!

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I like this idea. Maybe just the option to display the Field where the reference occurred?

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Hey @Oshyan thanks for the support on this one!

I am wondering if in the next release of Back References referred to as “Bi-Directional linked text,” referenced below, we might see this?

Would be great to hear from @mdubakov or one of the team, perhaps @Polina_Zenevich, on this!


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Hi, guys :slight_smile:
Many thanks for the idea!
Telling the truth, that feature wasn’t in our highlights scope. So, Highlights will appear soon, but it would be released without this opportunity.

Anyway your case makes sense, so we would discuss that a bit later and see, what we can do :face_with_monocle:

Thanks again! :hugs::sparkles:


Thank you Polina, that is great to hear that you guys would consider this!

As a follow up on this request, I wanted to add that in addition to the Rich Text and Comments where a highlight can occur, I think the “small” text field is another area where, should this request be realized:

it would also make sense to show in Highlights if this type of field is where a reference takes place.

In my use of both Notion and Coda, you can create unlimited “small” text fields that show up in embedded views, like Table or “Collections” in Fibery, and you can customize what you want these fields to represent, like a “Project Outcome” or other useful context. So it would be great to see them also represented in Highlights.

Thanks for the consideration!

Hi guys, just wanted to bump this up again. I know you’ve responded with some positive from @Polina_Zenevich that you will consider it. Just wanted to add that my team is really getting into Highlights and we use a lot of Rich Text fields (like in my example at the top) across different entities, and utilize Comments a great deal, so it would be very useful to be able to see where the reference is within the Referring Entity.

Perhaps this could go on your list for Lookups 2.0?

Thank you as always!

Telling the truth, we didn’t touch on that issue at all since you mentioned it.
Currently, we focus on finishing all the product features, fixing bugs, and moving infrastructure.
I will let you know once there will be any update about this (not sure that would be soon, telling the truth, but who knows :face_with_monocle:)

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Ok thanks Polina I appreciate the update!