Bi-Directional Linked Text available from Comments

We use Comments extensively and frequently there is a comment that would be very relevant to see in another Entity that was not mentioned or is related. This is the functionality of Bi-Directional Linked Text.

So I’d like to request that this functionality be available in Comments as well. Frequently there is a comment, for example, that ties into a “future” Entity. What I mean by that is you create an entity, for example some new piece of work, that’s relevant to an older comment that existed before this new Entity did, and thus it was not possible to include the new Entity in the comment because it didn’t exist.

Also, this request:

would help satisfy this need, because you could see that a given Highlight came from another Entity’s comments, and not just generically from “anywhere” in the Entity, which is how the Highlights currently work.


Hmm, looks like that is already possible - or I didn’t get you correctly?
So, you can edit any comment and add some context :slight_smile:

Hi Polina, thanks. I’m referring to being able to do Bi-Directional linking to any comment, not just the one you wrote yourself. As far as I can tell, what you are displaying is only possible if the comment is one I wrote? We have seen frequent need to reference comments written from any user. If there’s a way to do this now, could you please let me know?

Thanks again!