For Activity Stream, ability to see in chronological order References & Comments

Hi guys,

I wanted to request for the upcoming Activity Stream the ability to see Comments and References as they happen as part of an Entity history, and if you hopefully can add Fibery-wide Activity Stream, part of that as well.

We use References and Comments extensively. In fact, I would say that without these features I’m not sure my team could stay in Fibery due to the other limitations. But because you have developed enough functionality in Comments like full #mentioning and inclusion in references, we are able to do some great cross-Entity tagging that brings great documentation capability to our work.

However, right now the way References and Comments are separated in the Entity view still leaves us missing period mentions, and this could be avoided I think if all of this activity rolled up in a common stream.

Case in Point: In a “Meeting” entity, we reference a Project entity and give an update. This will show up in the Project’s References, great - saves the work of having to write the same comment in the Project’s comments area, and you also get the context that the update came during a meeting, and via a manager updating asynchronously, etc. But with Comments and References separate, we can miss the reference from the meeting, if somebody in the team reading through the Entity’s entire notes doesn’t look VERY carefully at all the References AND Comments. If the activity of both was brought into a common Stream, it would be enough to look at the last entry - be it from Comment or Reference, to get the last activity on the Entity. I think this could go a long way towards making Fibery even more useful.

I wanted to add that since Highlights are a sort of cross-entity way of bringing in data, I think it would be great if you had the option in Activity Stream to also include updates (comments & references) from children Types that are subwork to the Parent - so all comments across Task Entities in a Project Entity, and so forth. This is partially covered in this request:

Thanks guys for the consideration!

We plan to add an activity log for References and Comments. Comments I hope will arrive sooner, as for the References we are still thinking about UI.
But that would be definitely done :muscle: