[APPROVED] Activity Stream

A dedicated page for all key user activities aggregated from user selectable “spaces”. What type of activities get listed can be configurable. Any @mentions should be highlighted too in this activity feed.


Yes, if this is not already planned, essential, I agree. Without any “floating box” or other confirmation when an entity is created, this becomes one of the remaining ways to track down that entity if a user is not able to find right away the location of the recently-created entity

I wanted to add to this as it’s a big piece, and I’m thinking about how I’d like to see it as I move forward in Fibery. I wanted to add some details following on @Shafqat_Ullah initial post.

I would love to see it configurable as Shafqat you suggest - have rarely seen that in any app, but it would be a very useful feature. To illustrate this point, look at the activity on Wrike’s forum about a simple ability to sort comments by newest or oldest:

A lot of votes for that feature that Wrike is ignoring!

I’d like to suggest:

  • @mentions as Shafqat suggests
  • Relations activity - what was related, unrelated
  • Automations - when released, add in activity from automations, like “sent to Gmail”
  • Time logs - via time tracking extension - another feature I eagerly await - write in the activity log what was actually added in the comments when time was logged. Very useful for Development so a Scrum Master/PO can see what a Developer did when logging time, without having to ask the Developer to artificially post to comments that info without the context of the time tracked.

Thanks guys!

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Hi guys, wanted to flag this one up again. Very curious what @Jean @helloitse @ChrisSparkT @chris.burchartz and anybody else would put this as a priority need. Very large for my team as the Activity feed is a cornerstone of issue tracking software we’ve used (Jira, Clubhouse) and it is hard to manage without it.

Another related feature I’d love to see down the road is this:

Large-Scale use of “floating box” pop up when activity in Fibery aka "Toasts"

@Shafqat_Ullah as the originator of this post, would particular be curious about your views on the usefulness of “toast” pop-ups!

Also cornerstone of good issue tracking apps - it was a key part of Jira and Clubhouse, and ClickUp make great use of it. ClickUp even lets you turn it off and on. When I use Coda or Notion, it’s easy to lose track of what you just did when Rows/Pages can just disappear because they are created instantly when you just move the cursor in a table, but can very easily “disappear” off the screen.

Thanks guys and of course always hopeful to hear from @mdubakov and team with thoughts about this need!

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Hi again guys,

Would like to bump this one more time. I am really finding it harder to live without this very essential functionality in any Work Management App. I noticed that we don’t have any response from you guys officially here on what is a very significant post, considering the amount of likes, @Shafqat_Ullah’s credibility as a requestor, and other referenced ideas. I don’t recall seeing this anywhere discussed by you guys on twitter, blog, even Reddit. Would love to find out when you plan it - and I saw “when” as I have to assume it’s not an “if” given the importance here.

And I do want to acknowledge that my earlier comment above:

You knocked out without it really being “formally” requested!

So hoping to get some guidance here, would really help me plan, thanks!

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Hello community!

I wanted to resurface this thread as I have been thinking a lot about the concept of a simple “Activity Stream” which is a frequent feature of a lot of work mgmt apps, one I find very useful if it’s executed well.

Esteemed founding member @Shafqat_Ullah, who I think sadly has moved on from this forum, described this as well as I could hope for at the top of this thread:

One reason I was looking around here in the community about what we have so far on this subject is a lot of good action of late around communication and using Fibery for tracking history of entities. We have the excellent release of [DONE] Index comments in search which is a game-changer for using Fibery as a team’s repository of documentation / second brain. Now you can search around for anything you wrote anywhere in Fibery, not just rich text boxes. Also, of late @mdubakov has spoken a lot about the plans to have Fibery become a communication hub for teams, and eliminate the need for Slack. My team already does this and communicating exclusively in Fibery is working well! And, there was also a post Michael updated lately about threaded comments which gives me hope that more is coming soon for improved communication in Fibery.

So back to the point of the “Activity Stream,” this would simply show in one area, perhaps on the right side of the entity view or another well-thought out place, all the activity that has occurred in an entity. I think the biggest thing here that could bring this to fruition would be to incorporate the existing entity history into a UI where it would be visible at a glance. Right now we effectively had the “Activity Stream” available by clicking the “reverse clock” logo. However there are some issues with this:

  • it is not intuitive to do that when looking at an entity. The intuitive reaction of the users in my team is to just go to the bottom of an entity and read the comments. I have tried to train them on the “backwards clock” button to see all activity, but they never remember to do this

  • References are not included in full, just the fact that the entity was referenced. So if I want to update an entity by mentioning it in another entity, the “mentioned” entity won’t pick up that reference in full in this “backwards clock” history area. Only in the actual “references” area.

I think the Fibery team has an idea about this based on the comment here:

Bottom line - I think something akin to a traditional “Activity Stream” as described in this post would be super. I don’t think we quite have a refined version of this yet in Fibery, although all the pieces are for sure already in place to make it happen!