Ability to have all References to an entity and its children in one area

References are an essential feature for our team in Fibery. Might not be here without them in fact. The ability to see around an entity comments that another user took time to make, including referencing the entity in question, is immensely useful. For us, references are as valuable as comments, because we have trained ourselves that we can reference any entity anywhere in Fibery, and keep the context of what is being said from the referencing entity, and all this shows up in the reference. In other tools in order to accomplish this, we used to have to comment in two entities, so readers would not miss any context.

Further, Fibery offers the ability to show references from related items. This gets very interesting when you build structures for more complicated relations - OKR’s, which might have multiple levels of children like projects, epics, tasks, etc.; or some internal structures like partners, where you might have Company, contact, account, representative, etc.

Right now if you opt to see references from lookups, they all show up as separate areas inside the entity. So if I want to see all the child entities’ references, I can get many such “blocks” of references. Since all the references relate to the parent, it would be very useful to see these all in one central reference area. And they should be grouped chronologically, so you can have an idea of the history of these entities. The larger entities which have multi-level children entities tend to have the longest life in our Fibery instance, and the most commentary around them, so this is particularly useful given all the activity in such “super” entities.

This request I’d also love to see, as comments and references should ideally be in one stream, or at least the user should have the option to put them all together.

But just wanted to post this simpler request to merge all references together, again so you could see chronology at a glance without having to jump around various reference “blocks” you can create and see what was the most recent activity.


Interesting, when you say “Area” are you wanting this to be a part of the Entity UI/layout? Or a separate View, i.e. “extracting” references from 1 or more Entities and presenting them in a more dedicated view like the new Threads View, or this interesting recently contemplated idea: How to get/create a list of all files from database I mentioned in my reply to that thread that I could imagine similar dedicated Views that can usefully display referenced objects/info from “collections” of entities (that match some criteria). The Files use case discussed there is easier to envision, it’s probably ideally a simple folder-sub-folder view that navigates like a normal desktop file explorer (at least in one mode). A dedicated References View is an interesting thing to think about though…

Edit: it’s also important to think about how the work on the new Highlights feature(s) might interact with this, if at all…

Contemplating some of the ways in which I work, there are times in which I would actually very much want a View that showed all References, fully expanded (perhaps optionally collapsible) with all sub-bullet content (which connects with another of your feature requests @B_Sp ), as a single, scrollable, continuous feed… :thinking: