[✔︎ DONE] @mention within comments?

Sorry if this is obvious, but I was expecting to be able to @mention within comments, and I don’t seem to get any option when I type “@” when in the comment field. I see my users when I type “@” in the text or rich text box no problem.


@B_Sp This was not implemented due to lack of time :slight_smile:

@mdubakov hey, thanks for confirming. I could have guessed that. Looking forward to seeing it implemented, I have some good ideas for additional features in commenting as well, will post shortly just in case you aren’t already overwhelmed, haha!

Hey just wanted to bump this again. My team is starting to use Fibery “in production,” and being able to comment directly to each other is a big fundamental that would probably be at the top of my list right now for wants.

Is there any way to add a user to an entity, aside from “assignee,” so they would get notifications if there is a comment? I was just trying to see if there is a workaround until this is implemented.

Thanks guys!

@B_Sp I hope we will start implementation of mentions in comments in the next 2-3 weeks.

@mdubakov, thank you, great to hear was hoping for this as it’s a big one for usability of Fibery!

Hi, is there any update on this? This is probably the biggest obstacle for our collaboration at the moment as lots of entities are commented to leave a trace, but we also would like to notify people that must receive the information.

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@hannukle This is in progress already. ~2 weeks till release

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Great to hear @mdubakov, eagerly awaiting, but not panicking knowing you guys are on it!

Thanks for posting the update and keep up the great work guys!


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Hey @mdubakov, great to see this in action, can’t wait!

By the way you can also knock out this request as well, haha:

…as I see you have the full “/” implemented in there. Doubly exciting!

I know I’ve asked you about this again and again, but would be grateful for any additional insight you could provide about this being part of your “Highlights” feature. What I mean is would this mean that if an entity is mentioned here in “Comments” in a text block, would that comment be visible alongside the mention in Highlights that show the context of the @mentions from other parts of Fibery?

Thanks again, great to see this progress!

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Mentions in comments are released.

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When commenting inside a rich text field (document or entity), I can’t seem to be able to mention anyone. Is this a regression ?

In the comment box at the bottom of the entity, If I have activated the “comments” extension, I can mention

However, when adding a comment in-line in a doc or rich text-field, it doesn’t work

I have to say I frequently get buggy like behavior in comments like this. But I think the team just didn’t update this thread, the @mentioning within comments has worked for me for a while, and it is a key part of my workflow. Hope your situation gets sorted out!