Highlights from @mentions, request for details

Hi Guys,

I have spoken with you through support a bit about your “Highlights” concept for @mentions. As I understand this, the feature will look like this:

  • An entity will “pick up” information about another entity @mentoining that entity.

  • There will also be a snippet visible from the “block” in the mentioning entity that has the @mention of the destination entity.

So if you wrote something like this in a doc:

The entire text “This is an example of text from a block that would show up in Highlights…,” would be included in the destination entity, as a Highlight, along with the actual entity that is doing the mentioning.

@mdubakov would be grateful for any clarification at all you are willing to provide right now from you or your team, as this is a game changing feature from you guys that I am very eager for!

Thanks as always!

@B_Sp It should work as you described. But we are validating how it can be implemented now.

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@mdubakov, that is terrific news to get that reaffirmation! This is really going to be ground breaking. I think no other solution I’ve seen that does reciprocal linking brings in any context of the link - again I congratulate you guys for the vision with this feature. Great piece that reinforces my faith that you know what you are doing with your plan for Fibery!

Just knowing you are going down this road with the feature is good enough for me for now! Will look forward to updates when you are able to move to the next step, and hopefully release soon!

Thanks again!!

Hey Michael, sorry to keep at this, but I wanted to ask if you guys would consider a feature for this that would be extremely useful to me: The “highlighting” of Highlights in the original entity, when you click the mention in the destination entity.

What I mean here is:

  • I have an entity which is @mentioned in another, and the Highlight is on this mentioned entity, complete with a reference to the block in the entity where it picked up the @mention.

  • When you click the link in the highlighted entity, you can then see in the entity that has the @mention of the highlighted entity that mention.

This really helps with keeping clear context of the mention. In my experience with other solutions that do have reciprocal references, such as Confluence, it can be very hard to see where the @mention is in the originating entity. That means you lose a lot of the benefit as you have to scan that original document closely to see what the mention actually is about. So if you mention a Jira epic in a Confluence doc that has a bunch more stuff, when you click in that Jira Epic the “mentioned in Confluence” link, you can get forced to look around “forever” to see what was actually talked about. This is particularly inefficient if there are decisions or other important context involved.

I did an example from Roam that kind of illustrates how this might work.

Thanks guys and would greatly appreciate your insights on this one! I think it would be a huge piece for your “Highlights” feature!