[✔️ DONE] Text tagging capabilities in documents

I would like to carry out qualitative data analysis or textual analysis in documents. I would like to take, for instance, an interview transcript and be able to tag parts of the text by highlighting the section assigning a tag (or any other entity). I would then like to be able to view different extracts of the text from the linked to tag (or any other entity).

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@ChrisSparkT This is exactly what we are starting to work on this week. However I think it will take us 1-2 months to deliver this feature.

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@ChrisSparkT Great to hear this too, and glad to get @mdubakov’s response as “Highlights” are one of my most anticipated features of Fibery. Very glad to hear of another user in need!

I added some additional request about a particular way Highlights could work here, perhaps you’ll find it interesting:

The idea there, in summary, is to automatically have the user “land” on the mention in the originating entity when the Highlight is clicked on. Just another navigation touch that could be helpful!

I’m sure you guys will knock this feature out of the park, eager to see it come online when you get to it!

Exciting stuff!

Hi @mdubakov, highlights sound like it will do this. Two quick questions and inputs:

  • Will highlights be able to overlap? Interview notes tags might relate to multiple topics ie. “This is an interesting quote about a certain topic, with a sub-clause about something else.” might need to be coded to multiple tags and they should be able to overlap, be tagged multiply or in part.
  • Will this be in Fibery documents or any rich text field?



  1. We did not decide about many relations to a single highlight yet and collecting cases. Your case is good :slight_smile:
  2. Highlights will work in all rich edit fields and documents.

Looks like this is taking longer to complete, but I’ll put in my vote for it as well. I know there are a lot of features being talked about in various priorities/levels of need lately. So this is not urgent for me. But I would really like it! Ironically, maybe more for personal use than business. But I’ll pay for either. :wink:

This is already implemented

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Yeah, this has been very helpful for me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Very well done too @mdubakov but allowing overlaps between references on the same piece of text is essential. Language is so much messier and less discrete than data.