[REJECTED] Highlights Enhancement - include in Reference text that would typically relate to topic of Highlight

Hi guys,

Enjoying Highlights, and I wanted to suggest an enhancement that I think would help in the natural way Docs are created and Highlights are referenced.

  1. If there is a bullet outline below the text where the Highlight is, pull that into the reference: In this case, you might write something like this:


  • has more time on the market than Fibery
  • Does not have the Highlight feature that Fibery does

If you wanted to make sure to see those bullets in this reference, you’d have to unnaturally add at the end of the word “Notion” those two bullets. If you could pull in the indented bullets, it would be much more natural. This is how Roam Research handles its referenced links.

  1. Mentions in Tables:

Something like this:

This is also a very natural way to create requirements, notes, etc. and it would be great to pick up those references. I’m guessing that technically this is a larger challenge as you have to figure out which part of a table “relates” to the mention, but it would be very useful all he same!

Thanks guys!

Fibery tread related text by blocks and it is hard to do it.