Oct 19, 2023 / 😅 Browser notifications, modify reference selection, experimental new comments

:sweat_smile: Browser notifications

Now you can increase your anxiety and receive Fibery notifications in your browser. Enable Browser notifications in Settings → Notifications. We recommend to fine-tune it and receive only important notifications, like mentions.

:speech_balloon: New entities comments (very experimental)

We are experimenting with comments improvements, and today you may try new comments in your account (enable them in Settings → Experimental Lab).

Main changes:

  • Comments can be quickly accessed from the icon in the top menu of the entity.
  • Comments are no longer displayed in the entity panel itself. Instead, you can only see the number of comments and the time the last comment was added.
  • Comments now open in the right panel.
  • You can add replies to comments, and they will be nested (up to one level, similar to Slack).

What is still missing:

  • Comments resolution. We use emoji as a temporary workaround.
  • Unread comments. There is no indication about it, you can only setup notifications to track new comments.

This release is experimental to collect some feedback and decide whether comments navigation should be further improved or re-worked completely. Please share your experience with new comments (if you brave to try them).

:nail_care: Modify Reference selection

The highlights can be modified without deleting and recreating a selection.

Screen 2023-10-18 --21-49-09

:space_invader: Update AI Views filters via AI

You can create Views via AI prompts now and quite often AI generates filters that are not supported on UI. Previously it was not possible to change them, but now you can change these filters via AI prompt as well. For example, you can click Filter → Update with AI and type not closed and assigned to me → it will create a filter that shows only not done features assigned to you. Here is how it works:

:shrimp: 12 Fixed Bugs

Grid View:

  • Rows are auto expanded sometimes when user added databases to grid
  • Empty tooltip during drag and drop when Name column is hidden
  • Sometimes size of ‘context value’ column does not fit correctly during grid creation
  • ‘Collapsed’ state does not get saved for 3rd level ‘no parent’ group
  • Reordering entities should be allowed for integration and ‘created by formula’ databases
  • Group should not be expanded when user drag and drops item
  • Drag and drop icon gets available for read-only database when Name column is hidden

Other fixes:

  • There is no icons for options in the context menu
  • View fails to be loaded after redirection to it when another view gets deleted
  • Slack notifications: The message in the OS notification is vague when the slack channel message is OK
  • References: Wrong color (grey instead of database color) is used for reference highlighting
  • We’ve got feedback from team that Selected state looks to prominent and draws a lot of attention on cards. We made it to be more subtle.

Excited to test comments and AI filter! :hugs:

Comments are a huge part of my team’s activity in Fibery so glad to see the progress being made here, some initial feedback:

  • I’m not seeing the ability to sort by user preference either with latest comment at the top, or the bottom. Is that still possible? That was huge as we have people using both

  • I have become a big fan of the multi-view of entities, so don’t like the fact that you lose an open entity on the right side because comments take over.

  • We do a lot of referencing and put our comments next to references in the entity view, so missing that now

Would it be possible to consider comments popping up with a smaller font, similar to entity history, so you maintain the underlying view of the two entities side by side when having two open at once?

Hope this is helpful, and really glad you guys are working on this! Right now thought I’m going back to the old comments and turning off the new ones. Happy about the ability to reply/threads, but not worth what is being lost from the “old” comments.



Sorry for the double post put a few more points of feedback with the new comments:

  • I really miss being able to see the comments at a glance when scrolling down the entity. So I’d request to keep the ability to do that

  • Without the comments on the entity view anymore, you can’t have 2 entities open and compare comments - something we do a lot. So that is another aspect of the new set-up that is not ideal.

Thanks again!


I like the release. Here is some comments of early test of comments (glad you are working on it!)

Initial feedback:

  • I’d like to see the latest 2-5 comments of so at a glance when opening the entity, or comments will often not get read at all. Once I see there is some comments and when the last comments where made, I’m more keen to engage as well.

I have become a big fan of the multi-view of entities, so don’t like the fact that you lose an open entity on the right side because comments take over.

  • I think I’m okay with a new panel if I can see the latests comments at a glance, and then get this “full” view if I want to read more comments (or add my own comments), as I like to have plenty of room for reading and writing; but I dislike that yet another panel is opened on threading; I lose access to the original entity then. I rather have it split like it is in Slack or similar (with a resizable main thread/detail threads view, since some threads are short and some needs more space).

  • I also like access to all comments (i.e. including the inline comments) in some comments overview for a page, preferable accessible somehow when opening the main comments view. Especially useful for a long document, where I’d want to get scrolled to the relevant part of the document if the comment is a reference to a inline text portion.

  • I’d like comments for Documents - I feel it should be easy to discuss anything.

  • I’d like comments a View (e.g. for a board), to easier the main topic the view is about.

  • I really like the comment-like #channels, relating to what you showcased on fibery’s twitter october 6th. This would be really nice for our daily and weekly standups, and discussion topics without a relationship to a document/view/entity, as the situation often is in real life. I don’t feel these comment channels needs to be connected to entities necessarily, but could be an View (or such) on their own.


Definitely agree with @B_Sp about missing the ability to quickly open an entity and see the newest comment without having to click another button.

But if it stays as another panel - another issue is if you have one-panel navigation setting on, then the comments open up as a full screen. I usually use one-panel navigation, but I love the fact that your inbox opens up as a side panel when you go down your list. So the one-panel setting is basically ignored for inbox. I personally feel like the one-panel setting should also be ignored for comments.

Also, I’d love to be able to open this comments panel from a view. Like clicking on a :speech_balloon: button on a board card or on a grid row.


I second these points:

Maybe comments could pop up over the right-side entity fields area? Could have a keystroke to toggle between seeing the entity fields/entity comments in that area.

I still would love the ability to “pin” important comments to the top (like Asana).


Broadly, it looks like most of us are on the same page here. :grin:

Is this a definite part of the new design? Because I hate it. :sweat_smile:

Yes, exactly this.

Also second this, although I think for me the loss of “quick glance” as mentioned above may be my biggest immediate concern.

This is a pretty good idea, maybe with a “Show all X” like how References works. How this interacts with right pane comments view I am not 100% certain, but honestly I question the entire idea of putting Comments + Threads only in side pane. Why? Is it necessary? I agree that it loses some benefit of multi-pane by doing this. So unless comments + threads cannot fit in the normal Entity view then I would prefer keeping that.

I am also curious how Comments will work for in-line text. Will they also allow Threads? That is a situation where I would more expect to see a “panel view” for comments, perhaps.


Nothing is definite here, it is very experimental to get feedback :slight_smile:
Early feedback shows that removing comments from entity is not something people like.
We will iterate more.


the pop up, meaning preview mode in Obsidian can quick scan on that but I’m not sure UI in fibery can do when limiting left and right panes only in current

Love the nesting of replies to comments!!

My feedback:

I’m okay with comments opening a new context window on the right, but I can also imagine why this would be a disadvantage to others.

The thing I really don’t like is that whenever you open replies to a comment, it opens another sidebar context screen on the right. That’s really a no-go for me. I propose this as a solution:

And in the future right click context menu (including keyboard shortcuts) would be fantastic. Similar to Slack. But that’s a bonus.



I think the new “chat box” UI and threading is great (better than the previous) but do agree, the loss of context immediately upon opening an entity now, compared to the previous UI is disadvantageous. It would be ideal to display the new chat box embedded into the entity as it previously did, and maybe an option to expand the comments to full screen. This would be the best of both worlds.

Another thought is having the first 3-5 comments shown, and a “show more” function that either expands into the single page OR expands all comments.


I’m very happy to see the experimentation on comments! I toggled it on for 5 minutes, and then turned it off as it’s too experimental for my team… :cold_sweat:

Agree with most of the posts above and so would think that threaded comments should be feasible in the main section of the entity. :slight_smile:

That said, once comment/thread resolution is in, I’m gonna turn that f*cker on, experimental or not. :grin:


Wow! Awesome release. Insane how fast Fibery releases if you look at the team size :grin::grin:

Feedback modify reference selection

  • Works really well :star_struck::star_struck: Awesome UX and feels intuitive
  • Related: is it really needed to show the database abbreviation at the right side? Can imagine that it can be handy sometimes, but for our use cases it’s often not helpful (we have a lot of databases that starts with the same letter and thus have the same abbreviation). I think it looks cleaner if it’s not in your face.
  • Would be really awesome if we can see the full database name(s in the future) if you hoover over the reference :exploding_head:

Feedback comments/threads

  • Thrilled to see that we can reply nested on other comments (not expected this so soon! :star_struck:)
  • I love the ability to quickly go to the comment section on top of the page.
  • I don’t prefer that all comments always open in the right panel. For us it would be better that comments are always on the entity page so that we don’t loose information if we work split screen.
  • I prefer to open/close threads like in this forum (Fibery already did a great job in also showing which person replied when)

The following would be handy for us.

Option 1

  • Always show last x comments (I think 3-5?). If there are more, then auto collapse the older ones.

Option 2

  • Allways show all comments. On top of the comment section there is a ‘slide to’ shortcut to the latest comment with meta data about that comment (such as created by’ plus date/time)

And in general

  • Would be really handy if we can pin a comment so that the conclusion of a thread is on top (we sort comments from old to new).

If you guys decide to keep comments on the entity page, it would still be awesome to have a shortcut on top of the entity to slide to the latest comment. So that you can read and/or create a new comment easily.

And I second these points:

Yes, then we could pin the conclusion of a thread on top (since we sort comments from old to new)

Agree → you can still connect an entity if you link the entity in the comment text. Then it will show as reference.

Yes, then the comment panel would be really handy. For example if you have an overview of all projects → then quickly read comments of a project. Plus points if we could also show 'last comment by [user] - [date time] in a grid view :smirk::smirk:

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After all feedback we decided to simplify comments and get rid of panels.
Here is how it will work

We are also considering get rid of collapsing, but here we are less sure.

What do you think?


This looks much better.

My input/preference here would be to get rid of the collapsing.

It would offer me/our team a clear view of every comment and sub-comment while scanning the page and not have to open replies to get the full picture.

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+1 on this.

A hover text or the icon closer to the actual highlight would be a more visually pleasing solution.

This is especially important for us when putting extra effort in making the rich text fields as beautiful as possible (e.g. onboarding documents/documents shared with clients/wiki etc).

As it is right now, the litte icon to the side is a distraction from what is usually a less important link if you look at the document as a whole. Although it really does get your attention since it stands out so much so I understand why it’s like this.

Right now I’m avoiding referencing other entities with a link and instead mentioning the entity directly whenever possible to get around this visual representation.

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And while we are here mostly speak about comments, I want to share a potential Thread View concept (to have Channels-like thing in Fibery) that we quickly created to test internally, maybe you will give valuable feedback here as well :slight_smile: @JoelH @Illusory

  • Awesome!
  • Would it be possible to have a hyperlink/short cut on top of the comment section which slides to the last comment? If possible with meta data about that comment, like ‘created by’ plus ‘date time’.
  • And as mentioned above: would be great if we have that same shortcut on top of the entity.

What I would prefer

  • Auto expand → so that you can read the whole thread if you want to
  • Give the option to collapse (helpful when the thread is very long)

Threads view

  • Awesome :star_struck: this can replace our current ‘manual notification’ solution which we’ve build.
  • Would be really nice if you can show the amount of comments that you didn’t read yet in the left menu.
  • But possible workaround that would also fit our needs:
    • Create a (grid?) view with the channels
    • Show in that grid view who made the last comment and at what date/time
    • User then can color code based on that information (if somebody made the last comment and it’s not me → then color code.

Extra idea for comments/channels/etc.

  • The ability to link or create an entity/reference by selecting the text (currently only possible in rich text fields but would be really nice if we can do it as well in comments).
  • Use case: quickly create a task if somebody else asked you something.
  • :exploding_head: and you can create schizo braindump channel with yourself where you just dump shit and later actually create entities if needed (we’ve build a custom option for this as well but a channel for this is nicer!)