Nov 2, 2023 / Collapse replies in entity comments, Fibery User Guide chatbot

:tangerine: Collapse replies in entity comments → end of comments improvements theme

Last week we’ve released replies in comments, and you mostly missed collapsing. In this release we follow the feedback and introduce collapsed replies. Now threads will be collapsed by default and take less screen space.

2023-11-02 13.44.51

We also decided to stop comments improvements (and abandon features like comments resolutions and unread comments so far) and re-focus on Table View: replace it with Grid View and add missing features like totals, rich text column, etc. I understand that it sounds sad for some people :sweat:, but we consider Table View improvements more important based on feedback volume.

:space_invader: Fibery User Guide chatbot

We are going to introduce chatbots in Fibery in the next few weeks, so you will be able to quickly build chatbots around your Fibery data. It will be helpful for knowledge base use cases mostly. As the first step, we decided to experiment with Fibery User Guide, so we’ve released Fibery User Guide chatbot.

You can play with it here. Try questions like:

  • How to create a formula that adds two numbers?
  • What is space?
  • How automation rules work?

2023-11-02 14.00.37


  • It works relatively slowly now, we will improve it soon.
  • We imagine it might be especially helpful for Fibery API, so we will experiment with it as well in the future.
  • Your feedback is welcome!

:gift: Product Team Workspace Template

We’ve released the new and quite comprehensive Product Management template. The template helps you achieve an uninterrupted workflow from feedback management to release.

Use this template if you’d like to:

  • Evaluate what to work on next by looking at different prioritization methods (RICE, Value/Effort, MoSCoW, number of feedback references). While we recommend using one of these options, you can freely modify, remove, or replace them with new ones to suit your specific needs.
  • Capture feedback from various sources and link it to any entities in your product hierarchy. Pro tip: Let Fibery AI create a summary automatically.
  • Manage your interviews, personas, and other user research jobs.
  • Visualize your roadmap in different views, whichever helps you the most in making your stakeholders understand what you are going to work on.
  • Use built-in automations like generating release notes with one click.
  • Write stunning PRDs and link relevant feedback to them.
  • Share a public roadmap with your customers and connect it with Discourse to collect feedback.

Install it now and give us your feedback.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

Grid View:

  • It’s impossible to drag entities which name is read-only
  • Collection items are unexpectedly removed when they should not.
  • Tooltip doesn’t appear if hover cursor on Name or relation cell in grid view


  • Internal Fibery links open on new tab instead of panel for saved comments and read-only documents/rich-texts
  • When an emoji is chosen for a Workflow State, it doesn’t replace the progress indicator
  • Unable to remove table rows / columns from keyboard
  • Paddings in role selector are broken
  • Custom emoji is missing in notification body
  • Email change: Second click on confirm email change link should not produce error, instead show that operation has already completed (or something positive)
  • Unable to Restore Database when one of its relations holder type was renamed after Database deletion
  • Selection cursor on the right overlaps with the text
  • Send notification when reply added to a parent comment creator
  • Discourse sync: vote count stopped to sync
  • By pressing enter I have the whole form submitted but ONLY entered value should be applied

This news made my day. :blush: My customers will be very happy with this innovation at Fibery. :sunglasses:


Then you maybe will be curious to dig into feature spec and provide some feedback :slight_smile:


Awesome release!

Really love this tiny improvement! Makes such a difference :star_struck:


Definitely :ok_hand:

As mentioned I really love this improvement. One small problem → you can’t see which state is final and that can cause problems in automations and formulas.

Use case

  • When you add a state field you start with open / in progress / done where done = automatically state final
  • You create 6 states with emoticons and name them as you want
  • The 3rd one has state final, but you can only see that via alt click → that can be a problem when you’re not used to this feature
  • You also can’t mark states as final → only via alt click

Possible solution: do show the progress indicator in the state setting list, but not in the UI

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Good catch, Yvette! Thanks!
We’ll likely replace the Final checkbox (which people rarely find without our help anyway) with groups soon:

Till then we’ll ask you for a bit of patience :sweat_smile:


awesome release!!

That’s awesome :heart_eyes: Will those groups also be available in formulas like ‘final’ currently is? :face_holding_back_tears:


This is great, been waiting for groups for a long time!

We got used to comments running in a long thread down the page, so having to open up to see replies is an extra step that takes away from the ability to just scroll and glance at the entire conversation in an entity. Would you guys consider allowing a setting so they don’t collapse by default? I would actually prefer they not collapse at all, and at least this way I could set up that I don’t have to click to see the response first…

I hope this doesn’t mean permanent abandonment! I waited about 2 1/2 years for you guys to return replies from the original iteration of comments that had threads, happy to wait still on resolutions to comments, but I hope you don’t give up on that! It would be a true innovation and allow yet another level of sophistication in Fibery around communication and clarity of work. Marking a comment as “resolved” without a way to say what was resolved is something in other tools that always left me wanting to know what happened, and leaves a hole in a team’s documentation (since you can’t provide the explanation alongside the “resolved” check mark). Just citing one of the requests for this ( in case any new users would like to support this.

And just have to point out for the record that you have been around such a feature before:

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


Interesting release. Looking forward testing out the chatbot.

That said, I wish you’d complete the comment resolution and unread part, as it’s really important for us as we take (unresolved) comments as a status indicator.

I also think that unread and resolved will solve your folding problem. Keep new comments unfolded while the resolved stuff gets folded.

The Grid View is for me not really usable still because pasting multiple values doesn’t work. So I rather have the comments fully completed than two not-completed things


I hear what you’re saying, but the problem with that approach is the long tail.
There are always going to be extra features that some subset of users (>= 1) are missing for any product area, so I fear there is no such thing as ‘completed’ :wink:

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same problem with me, I cant copy mass text from google keep to grid view (which mean 1 rows in google keep ⇄ 1 entity in fibery), but it still work with table view

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We are working on paste right now, so it will be released soon.


Of course.
And your team’s job is to figure the minimum viable done, the same as my job is to try convincing y’all on what else we need. :slight_smile:

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I feel heard :wink: much much better like this!