Oct 26, 2023 / 💬 Replies in entity comments, Specify numeric values for select options

:speech_balloon: Replies in entity comments

Last week we experimented with comments in a separate panel, but feedback was negative (thank you!), so we iterated again. We removed panels for comments and just added replies to main entity view. To add the first reply, find Reply to Comment icon in a comment and click it.

We’ve added a comments icon in the top right entity menu. When you click on it, it scrolls you to the first comment.


  • Replies work in entity-level comments only (not in rich text and documents comments).
  • Now we are working on comments resolutions, it will be possible to collapse resolved comments in future releases.

:nail_care: Specify numeric values for select options

Now you can add numeric values to single- and multi-select fields. Find Advanced section and enable Specify numeric values for each option switcher. You will see fields where you can put values. You can use these values in formulas. For example, if you have a single select field named Ease, you can access a value this way Ease.Value.

:broom: Get rid of “Untitled” when user has no access to Entity

When user had no access to some databases, we showed cards as Untitled. They confused users and added visual clutter. Now we hide entities user has no access to from Views and dropdowns. In many places it’s useful to indicate whether a relation Field is empty or not, so we display 🔒 Private Task instead of the current Untitled.

:jigsaw: Grid View improvements and bug fixes

  • Data editing is polished
  • Add new rows is polished
  • Rows drag and drop should work nice now
  • Save columns width for duplicated grid
  • Missing uploaded avatar in context grid
  • JS error in console if grid is scrolled during drag&drop columns
  • Collapse/expand arrows don’t appear for first level of hierarchy in some case

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Toasts design is improved. Now toasts looks better and positioned on the bottom of the screen.
  • Some style improvements here and there.
  • Delivered to (BCC) email is synced into Delivered To field. It can be used for gmail aliases to retrieve exact alias used as email. For example if email fibery.dev+test@gmail.com is used as BCC then it is synced to Delivered To as text.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Pinned columns get reordered when hide not pinned column in some case
  • UI issues with calendar control
  • New comments are not loaded for shared entity
  • Error message in automations when user deletes formula in Notify action and saves rule
  • Button menu is partly hidden under right panel
  • Duplicate key issue for automations


P.S. Entity-level permissions are ready (with some scope) and we’re testing them with selected group of customers. Anton asked me to keep it secret, but I just can’t resist. Sorry, Anton, you may revenge me in the next release.


I sincerely hope that Rich Text comments will eventually have the same capabilities as entity-level comments… :smile_cat:


Awesome release :star_struck: Comments look great!



Great release! Just a bit bummed about the fact that replies to comments are not collapsable. Nesting replies does make it somewhat better, but the fact that you still have to scroll endlessly in long threads doesn’t improve workflow. I know this functionality wasn’t here before, but commenting was the number 1 complaint from our team about Fibery.

Now I understood that this is coming in the release of resolving comments, so curious know the timeline on this @mdubakov

Really hoping for this very soon:



This is great news! :confetti_ball:

Super happy with the nested comments. Can’t wait for folding and resolution still. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also excited to hear that the new permissions model is coming along! :star_struck:

Thanks for the hard work!


Wow, what an awesome release!! Thank you guys.

P.s. Tested the new comments this afternoon. Love it!


The new grid is very powerful and I use it a lot to replace table and list views.
I don’t know exactly which improvement was done to editing but the long standing bug about loosing the first letter/number when you start editing a cell is very annoying. I’m surprised to be the only one to complain. Do I need to fill a bug report or something ?

Thank you all

Can you post an example (video) showing this behaviour. I’m not aware of this bug.

Awesome update!
Numbered dropdowns and more changes to grids. What a day to be alive.


Is it possible to add this to Workflows so that we can easily determine the percent of completion?

e.g. 10 issues within 1 epic, all beta, completion = 80% based on weight assignment.

You can already do it yourself (use alt-click to open a state, add a field, and then set the value for each state).
But we will be making improvements to workflow soon as well.


I tried this before and it didn’t appear to be working. Will test and reach out to support if necessary. Thanks

Here is my experience in the new grid:

  • in a text column, when you start to type, the letters are added to the current text (instead of replacing it) but no letter is lost.
  • in a number column, the first key is lost and the following ones are appended to the current value (instead of replacing it)
  • in other columns types (date, select, relation), the first key is lost, and the following ones are used to search in the picker.

See the video where I type “123” in every case (with up-to-date MS edge on windows, with not extension or other strange utility)
Screen Recording - Made with FlexClip


I still would love to see larger use of toasts, I noticed even Notion has some now in more prevalent cases like when creating something…is there any chance you guys would start to add Toasts around Fibery? I can’t even really think of any time I’ve seen a toast pop up lately in Fibery…

Here is my request about it:


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