Large-Scale use of “floating box” pop up when activity in Fibery aka "Toasts"

Hi again,

I wanted to suggest that as you guys move forward, you do as much of an implementation as you can across Fibery of the “floating box” pop up that would occur everytime an action is taking in Fibery. I’m referring to something like the small modal that emerges in the current version of Gmail when you delete messages, send, etc. on the bottom right. A few apps, such as ClickUp and Jira, do this with just about every instance of an entity/task creation. It’s a great feature as it allows the user to get to the created entity easily, without having to go search for it, or, if you offer a permalink in this modal, the user can grab that with the mouse and paste the reference to the entity anywhere quickly.

This pop-up is also useful when things are deleted, closed, transitioning, and in other instances.

So I hope you guys can add good coverage around Fibery of this feature. It is really hard to get around a lot of other apps out there that don’t use this feature.


Hi again,

Just wanted to flag this request up one more time as I am finding it something that would be very useful since there is still some “rawness” to how you create an entity in Fibery, adjust its status, edit, etc. that could be seen in the Activity Stream when released, discussed here:

I think these notification modals I’m referring to are actually called “Toasts,” so I wanted to also edit this post to reflect that.

Thanks guys for the consideration!