New user, "lost" tasks

I invited some users today, and one piece of feedback: one of them made some tasks, but the tasks “disappeared” and he wondered what had happened. What happened was, the board he made the tasks on had a filter, so making them there made them disappear immediately, because they were filtered out.

The problem from my perspective is, the fact that the board had a filter, was not immediately apparent. It should somehow be clear that the board has a filter, visually.

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I realize this is an older request, but I am having this issue as well. One thing I think that could solve this would be some of the functionality of this request:

It’s very useful to get that “floating box” for about 5 seconds after you create something, it doesn’t quite “disappear” so fast! This is a great feature of the new Gmail UI and I really like when apps like Jira or ClickUp use it very extensively, it’s quite useful.