Task or Kanban board usage report & question

Hi - testing the task / kanban board:

  • it took me a beat to figure out how to add multiple new tasks, using the +New Task button. When you add a task that way and press enter, the cursor is focused in another new task. If you’re not aware it’s a bit confusing, but, if you simply press Esc it will exit without creating. This Esc-out behavior appears mostly consistent as far as I can tell
  • When I try to filter on linked data, in my case “Step Projects” which are my Rows in a test board, I cannot select the step project to filter on when I’m building the filter. Some filtering just works but not this.
  • It is better if a filter is visible so you can easily reuse it, maybe at the top of the board. Maybe the ones that you can set up from under the upper right filter icon are kind of ad hoc ones, but you can also have some saved ones to make filtering quicker. A use case might be, if you are assigning tasks to clients, and you are now at a specific client and just want to easily focus on that one (furthermore you don’t want to be showing client B’s tasks while you are at client A)
  • It’s too easy to add columns to the board. I can see a situation where people are just adding them at will, which leads to poor QC because inevitably they won’t think it through or discuss. If we decide the workflow, it needs to be protected.
  • When developing filters, I think there needs to be some way to filter on the logged in user. If “saved filters” can be enabled, then if I simply select “me”, it shows anything assigned to me. It’s the same filter, but shows a different result per logged in user.


  • if I have requests coming in from multiple different clients, I want to filter or view by clients. I am receiving these tickets via email, to a system that can run an API call on receipt. Is there a way I can push those up into fibery say into a specific backlog column, so that someone can pull it?