Duplicate Instances (of any db)

apologies for any incorrect terminology -

When I click on a “project” in the explorer, the default “view” is a hierarchy of all the db’s in that project. In my case, it’s

  • project
  • section
  • tasks
  • documents
  • files

I see from other topics here that filters currently cannot be named (so that a user can apply a named filter just by clicking on it). I can change filter params easily enough, but in lieu of named filters, I’d like to have 2 instances of my Task db displayed in my default view:

  • tasks with filter x applied
  • tasks with filter y applied

Is this possible?


You can accomplish this by creating two separate Views, each with different Filter settings.

You can create the second view by duplicating the existing View, then customize the Filter in each View.


If you click on ‘List’ (next to the word Tasks in the cyan box) then you can add a new view with whatever filters you like. These are examples of ‘relation views’ and you can rename them to distinguish them (and you can actually choose different types of views - table, board, list etc.)

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Just to compliment @Chr1sG’s instructions, here is a screenshot of what that looks like:

As @Chr1sG & @Matt_Blais mentioned you can have different view types, with different sort, filter and colour-coding settings as well as different visible fields.

This is one of fibery’s super-powers :muscle: Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thx everyone for the quick replies!

Exactly what I was looking for…!

I continue to be amazed at the thought that went into Fibery’s design - everything is exactly where it should be.


“This is one of Fibery’s innumerable super-powers.”

Thx for the screenshot :smiley:

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