Saved filters in Views

It’s good to have ability to save filter in the board somehow:

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Filters are always saved. What’s the exact problem you’re having?

That is correct but in real world you usually use several filters. Right now I can’t save them and have to edit every time I need different data. Basically I meant “Quick filters” feature.

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Yes, that is an important need.

Same requirement here. Jira allows filters to be saved which then appear as buttons on a view so they can be quickly selected. Typically they might be filters to restrict a sprint board for each developer, for stories that are blocked, or for particularly critical epics. This way a single sprint kanban board can be used which can then be filtered for various needs


I am just learning the system.

  • One workaround would be to create new table and apply filter(s) as needed.
  • For other set of filters - create another new table(and rename table accordingly) etc
  • Filters are saved for the table(as mentioned by @Shafqat_Ullah ) - so each specific table can be used for specific set of filter(s)
  • It can increase lot of tables in the left hand side of screen if there are many tables created for many sets of filters.

Yes, I talked about similar goals in a post comparing with Notion and others here:

The UI conventions to handle this seem fairly straightforward and well-exemplified in a few other systems. I hope Fibery can add such options in the future.

As part of learning I created :
MiniApp : Organize Tables for sets of filters
Each table has unique link which is stored as Link inside TablesViews.
From each record of TablesViews one can go to specific table with specific filters.

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