Saved filters in Views

I think Fibery can be the GOAT tool. And yes, then you will have a ton of information complexity and density. That’s why we’ve build the ‘menu pages’ as mentioned in the above post. Since we’re building a workspace so you can manage your whole company. And that’s a lot :sweat_smile: It’s basically ERP / CRM / PM / Second Brain / Finance / Marketing solution all in Fibery.

Agreed and voted! Thank you for posting this.

I have had the same thought as I want to avoid making new views just for filters. I have some very varied data set up in Fibery and often want to use a few different types of filters and would love to just be able to ‘activate’ certain filters at some time. Whilst it’s not hard to set up the filter again necessarily, some of the previous ones I’ve used have a lot of conditions so it can be a bit tedious to set up after clearing.

I would love a few filter profiles that I can activate or deactivate as needed and would save a lot of time and be very convenient :slight_smile:


Hi @mdubakov. I stumbled on this post because at my company we have a view to manage our dev process, just like pretty much everyone here, and I wanted to see only the items that are assigned to me. I created the filter, and saw the data I needed. However, I wanted to toggle that on and off so I could easily go back and forth in the future, but found that I can’t. Then I started thinking about saved filters. then I found this post and found myself agreeing with you that there is a problem, and that saved views might be the answer, but there’s a question about where the line should be drawn. I do think it is time for Fibery to be opinionated about where to draw that line, and then do it. In my opinion (that you can take and run with if you like it), a personal saved view (at least for a board) should include Filter, Sort, and Colors. Not Cards, and Not Fields.

If you don’t like that idea/opinion, let me share a different way to tackle this problem. Let’s do it like you say, where we create our own private variations of public views. But I don’t want to stick them in My Space, lost among all the other stuff. I want my private variation of the public view to keep its association to the public view, and be accessible from the public view. Just give me a list of “My Saved Views” at the top of the public view. It isn’t anything special, just a list of views that I cloned and modified. Think of them as private child views if you want. Then I don’t lose my flow when I’m on the main public board, and I just want to see my own private child view of it. I don’t expect any changes to the main public board to cascade down to the child view (even though that might be desired in some situations).

I think you could run with either of these ideas (or something like them) without screwing up Fibery. :slight_smile:

A lot of what has been discussed in this thread, will be possible if the architecture of views are upgraded, in that views databases become accessible to users as Views Entities, just like other databases, this would be a leap in the power of Fibery.
(As a workaround I’m now trying to mimick that with a ‘View’ database and a URL field, which sucks and is not scalable)

The good thing is that Fibery Views are not merely configuration like in data management systems with dynamic configuration views, but in Fibery they are already entities with Id, so the step to upgrade them is pretty straigtforward.

If List/Table/Board Views become first class citizens in Fibery, we can do all kinds of things them, including:

the feature that is worked on now, being Entity Views as announced last week:

…which basically means that the same List View could have multiple List Entity Views that the user can create and configure.

There is no such thing as a ‘view database’ and I’m not sure what you think can be gained by making views into entities.
Views are effectively a UI service that sits on top of database queries. If you make views into entities, you would still need a UI service to query them. It’s ‘turtles all the way down’