Tasks disappear from filtered board view when created

Feature Request

I have a board view for my tasks with 3 columns showing ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’. These are derived from a ‘Status’ dropdown field in the original table. All works fine, see below.

It’s filtered by a ‘Goal’ column which contains a text field in the original table (for this example the filter is looking for ‘Business Goals’). If I add a new task to one of those columns from within that filtered board view, the new task will have one of those three automatically populated in that column of the table and stays in the correct column in the board view, which most start in ‘Not Started’. Which is perfect! For example if I click “add new task” to the ‘In Progress’ column, and click back to the actual table, in the ‘Status’ column it’ll say ‘In Progress’ without me having to do it manually and stays in that column.

But when I add the new task, it’ll disappear from the filtered view. This is because whilst it recognises it needs to automatically add the correct status, it doesn’t add the correct filter information.

It should also add ‘Business Goals’ to the ‘Goals’ column automatically too so it stays in the view as you create them.

I’m having to go back into the original table for every single task, manually type ‘Business Goal’ and then go back into the view to see it reappear.

I’m not really sure if this is a feature or a bug but if this could be ironed out at some point that would be amazing and save me a lot of time :smiley:

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I have had this issue and have discussed with support. Off hand I think it’s something the team is working on addressing, not 100% sure though so agree it might be a bug. Would love to see it addressed as I too think this is great feature of boards and it would be great to add in entities pre-filtered in a board and have all the aspects of the boards filter represented right away in the entity, without having to do a further edit.


Hi @B_Sp

Great to know you’ve already made them aware.

Definitely! :sunglasses:

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