CHANGELOG: August 26, 2022 / Hide empty rows and columns on Boards, Buttons on Entity View

:see_no_evil: Hide empty rows and columns on Boards


When grouping cards by their parent (ex. Tasks by Project) on a Board view, there tend to be a lot of empty lanes which clutter the View. Now you can remove these empty rows and columns with a couple of clicks.

Please feel free to deprecate the crazy auxiliary Formulas like Tasks.Filter(Team.Name = "Manchester").Count() we’ve suggested as a workaround before :sweat_smile:.

:point_up_2: Buttons on Entity View

Not hidden under and not experimental anymore, meet Buttons right on the Entity View. Now you can also create and edit Buttons right from here as well.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Relation Views for to-many relations have gotten more polished albeit are still experimental.
  • Scheduled Rules with filters won’t proceed if there are no Entities that satisfy the conditions.
  • Documents API now has a parameter to convert Entity mentions to names when requesting markdown content:

:shrimp: 12 Fixed Bugs

  • Wrong object is selected in the left menu if navigate back
  • Pinned fields: typed value gets lost in case user is updating value while automation edits another ones in pinned area
  • Dark theme: Values in pie chart tooltips are almost invisible
  • Dark theme: Options and values in chart filters and formatting popup selectors are almost invisible
  • The color of the arrows on the date field in the Audit Log filter when in dark view need to be changed to march the color in other normal views
  • Apply Entity Name changes to the notifications sent
  • Relation view get duplicated if new relation is added while entity is opened in separate tabs
  • Card does not appear in cell when create on board with same axes
  • Error when adding new value in axis when the same many-to-many relation is selected as column and as row
  • Context Reports: ignore redundant fields should work for all forks
  • Error on create multi/single select fields in some case
  • Show / Hide fields doens’t work for select options

Removing empty rows is great - I would love to see this in the Timeline view as well. I see that’s it’s possible to hide the empty child rows in a Timeline, but not the empty group rows (there are ‘…’ next to the rows, but not next to the groups). I’m still pretty new to Fibery, but having fun with it so far!

Yep, we have a similar thing in our backlog for the Timeline View — you’ve just increased its chances :slight_smile:

Great to see you are having fun (so far at least :sweat_smile:)! Please don’t hesitate to reach us via the in-app chat in case a question or a piece of feedback pops up.

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