CHANGELOG: October 7, 2022 / Multiple relation Views (experimental), Quarters in Timeline

:test_tube: Multiple Views for to-many relations (experimental)

Previously, we replaced a hard-coded flat list with a proper List View for visualizing to-many relations when you open a card: September 8, 2022 / Relation Lists, reorder Databases in Space settings.

Now it’s not just a single List, but multiple relation Views:

Here are a few examples when this is useful:

  • don’t show completed things by default but rather add an “Archive” View;
  • add a List with Assignees contains Me filter so that folks can easily focus on their work;
  • add a List for each Team with custom sorting and color coding.

Relation Views are defined per Database and are the same for all Users.

:test_tube: Relation Reports (experimental)

No need to create Smart Folders to see a Context Report for a Project or a Product Area:

Step by step, Entity View is getting better as a dashboard. What kind of View should we add next?

:calendar: Quarters on Timeline View

Here is another scale for the Timeline view that we’ve received surprising number of requests for:

:robot: Formulas in external automation Fields

When sending a message to Slack or merging a pull request in Gitlab, use our formulas to dynamically figure out the right channel or the right branch:

:shrimp: 13 Fixed Bugs

  • Multi-panels: wrong tab title displayed in some cases
  • List view in panel: unexpected collapsing ‘Add new entity’ drop-down if there is panel opened on the right
  • Wrong color is selected in color-picker when change Space color
  • Public Views: no ability to navigate within the page using the keyboard (
  • External actions: sometimes pop-up for connecting account appears in wrong place and it’s unavailable
  • Automation button’s pop-up is hidden under Backlog list and can not be accessed
  • If DB has buttons or fields with equal names then they are lost in view units list
  • Entity view blinking on first load if entity type have button
  • List items twitching on reordering
  • Loop prevention in rules does not work for “Add collection item” action
  • There is no changes tracked in Audit Log for Entity Field content after Field convert
  • Error on importing template - couldn’t create a report, collection field expression used as not subquery…
  • Wrong result when use formula in email Subject field for scheduled rule

I would love to see a proper Table view with all the filter/sort/color etc. controls.

If you can add the ability to collapse/expand these embedded views (as with Headers), and remember the state, that would save much time and bandwidth assuming the contents are not retrieved while collapsed. There are many such views that I might only occasionally want to see.

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Awesome release! I love to see the dropdown-based approach to multiple Views, in particular. This is something that Notion has done for a long time, and I see it as a nice way to potentially clean up the Sidebar nav in the future (optionally). I like that we can have all Views shown in the sidebar nav if we want to, but I definitely want the option to not do that.

Here’s a new feature request explaining what I mean:

Anyway, great improvement to Entity Lists!

On the subject of Timeline requests, I’m curious how many requests you’ve had for:

  1. Week View in Calendar
  2. Not requiring Time in the Date field for it to be displayed on Week View of Calendar (this seems completely unnecessary and is very frustrating)