Allow multiple Views to be accessed via tabs or dropdowns from a single sidebar item

Inspired by the recent implementation of a dropdown list to select from multiple Views in Entity Lists from the latest release:

I would like to request something very similar to be implemented and available anywhere in Fibery, or more specifically, in the Sidebar nav. This is very similar to how Notion and ClickUp do things.

So basically, outside of Entities, for all Views, perhaps a similar approach could be something like a “Meta View”, “View Collection”, etc. in the future (i.e. a new kind of object that lives in the Sidebar and holds multiple Views). Or maybe you can just create a new View from within a View and it then becomes part of that View’s “tabs” in a similar way. And maybe the icon in the Sidebar nav changes to show it has multiple views. :thinking:

It seems somehow a little clunky to have a separate “View Collection” object type, yet it also makes things a lot clearer I think for e.g. moving Views in and out of these “dropdowns” (think of an existing workspace today and wanting to move a bunch of related Views into a single tabbed View “collection”/space like this). And I guess in a way Folders and Smart Folders are a kind of organizational precedent (not in a direct functional sense, but conceptually, i.e. these are “objects” that exist solely for organizational/nav structure purposes). So perhaps this would just be another type of “container” that lives down there with the Folder options.

Prior discussion: