[Calendar View] Shorter time range for Calendar Day & Week View

I would love to be able to remove nightly time slots, ie from 8pm to 8am, seeing 24h time-slots hurts my UX badly. Thanks!

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Similarly, choosing to eliminate weekends from the timeline view would be nice :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion!
That’s one of the steps from “OK Calendar” to “Cool Calendar”!
Noted both your votes for this feature :sparkling_heart:


Adding my +1 here.

Things that would make the calendar really useful:

  • Ability to set the start and end time
  • Ability to ZOOM in (it’s possible to create things that last 30 minutes, but you can’t read them)
  • Ability to open on the ‘correct’ page (e.g. This week, This month, This year)

Things that would make the calendar really cool:

  • Ability to set 3 day period (e.g. yesterday, today, tomorrow)
  • Ability to compare with a past period (e.g. This month + Last month)
  • Ability to add custom functionality into the … menu (e.g. link entity to entity)
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Example of writing in a very little box.


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I think most of my calendar view wish list is already captured here:

  • set a working hour range for the daily and weekly calendar views [@cover], at least focusing within the range when loading calendar
  • eliminate weekends (or specific days of the week) from weekly or monthly views [@Chr1sG]
  • ability to have finer control on the minute increment [@uniquelau] (maybe if you hold shift or ctrl you get to increment by 15 or 5 minutes)

I would find it very helpful if I can add items that have a date but not a time/duration to the daily/weekly calendar view. Currently all date fields will have to be same type (date/time or duration). I want this feature so that I can add daily tasks to my calendar view with my actual meetings. This is inspired by outlook which allows you to have your calendar items as well as task items below:

This will also allow “all day” calendar items to show up properly in the calendar without having to block the entire day.