[DONE] Greater zoom levels on Timeline

Don’t know about others, but here we work with and round to quarters of hours, especially for a lot of various small tasks. Likewise, a timeline to allow zoom to quarters of hours would be handy.

This would allow timeline to be used for more day-to-day scale micro-management.


@Haslien Calendar View has this level of zoom, maybe you can use Calendar for this purpose?

Indeed, however I’d prefer the type of view it provides compared to this, as it’s much easier to get focused and structured overview over everyones tasks.

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I would also love to have a bigger zoom on the timeline view.

Not a “minute size” scale in my case but like one week / 7 days per screen.
Now I can see 32 days when “days” -the smallest scale- is selected. It’s way too big to plan the week and calendar is not suitable neither as we loose focus of a specific week and as we cannot see a lot of items per day.

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I second that thought. A zoom level of one week (7 days) e.g. would help a lot.
You could also see more details from the entities themselves (additional data fields)

I have been playing around with the new Notion timeline and find their “2 week” view useful. So if it wasn’t a huge burden for the product team to add in some more granularity between one week and one month, would love to see that…

Also re: timeline while I’m here, would really like to see movement on these requests:

This is a big one and would really help with Timeline view, because frequently if I’m looking from a certain perspective I can barely see the description of the entity

These too, would love to see them addressed soon for usability benefit on a daily basis:

Hours on timeline view would be very useful for us please

Done in latest release

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