[Timeline] scale slider and custom presets

In audio and vidoe editing apps you have to be able to see your timeline at both the smallest possible scale and the largest, and everything in-between. Consequently, most of these apps have employed various means of being able to fluidly zoom in and out of the timeline to and from any scale. The simplest version of this consists of a slider but you can also input specific time ranges and many such programs provide hotkey/mouse-key combinations that can be used to change the scale and position of the timeline on the fly (very useful).

I’d like to suggest adding the same kind of timeline slider functionality to all of fiber’s timeline/calendar controls. Additionally, it would be great to have more presets and to be able to create our own. Sometimes people want to see things in chunks of hours, sometimes they want to see them in chunks of years - even decades. I’ll bet many people would benefit from being able to set their calendar/timeline accordingly.