Improve and Expand Card Layout Across Views

This is a more general request beyond my request to Improve Timeline Readability.

I personally cannot see how the calendar or timeline views can be used in practice at the moment. The information they can display effectively is so limited, the only way to make them useful for us in any way is to have people apply CSS overrides.

Some suggestions:

  • Support the different Card layouts used in the Board layout in all views
  • Support customizing the number of lines shown before ellipsing the text (truncate, line-clamp) or to show all of any text field that is shown in the card
  • Add (or repurpose existing) card layout to have the following (see screenshots below)
    • Two areas in the card, where the first and second area can grow in height as needed
    • The first area would be taken up by the first field selected in the fields menu for the view
    • Bottom area can be configured to keep everything on one line or to show each field per line
  • Compare fibery’s card to other competitors in different contexts (equivalent of a board view, calendar view, timeline view, etc)

Example card configurations (doesn’t show version with field labels):

Blurred version of what my custom styles can produce: