Mar 14, 2024 / 🍊 Timeline View secondary dates visualization, Entity View re-styling

Timeline View: Secondary dates visualization (actual vs. planned)

Now you can see secondary pair of dates on a Timeline View. The most popular use case is Planned vs. Actual dates. You can create these dates for Tasks database and fill them to see the difference:

Click Add Secondary Dates in Items setup and select the dates to see them as a dashed boxes.

Note that this works only in “Display one Entity per lane” mode.

Timeline View: Full card background color

Color coding was changed to look better. Now the whole card is colored. Should we do the same for Board View now :thinking:?

Entity View: Field labels unification

In order to ensure consistency in field labels and behavior, we’ve revamped their styles. Now, regardless of where they’re placed, all fields have a uniform appearance.

Additionally, fields are now equipped with icons to indicate their type. Hovering over or clicking on the icon enables users to drag fields, while clicking on the field name minimizes it.

Display total number of users in Users settings page

We have added a feature that displays the total number of active users, along with separate counts for admins, members, and guests. Stay organized!

users counter

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Rich Text snippets units update live when a content of rich text field changes.
  • Timeline View: display text outside the card if there is empty space on the right in any mode

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Timeline: prevent dragging cards when start-end dates are read-only
  • Broken design for ‘х’ button in lists
  • Impossible to add emoji with name “constructor”
  • Workflow field get saved when you upload new emoji during States config

Thank you very much, expecially the Entity View restyling makes the display nice and clean.

The restyling is a small, but impactful improvement, thank you!

There’s still a ways to go though, so hopefully you’re not completely done. My quick thoughts:

  1. Still so much wasted space. Is there a plan to make things truly responsive on desktop at some point?
  2. It feels like the font weight of the field names needs be be a bit heavier. Everything looks too similar and I’d prefer field names to be semi-bold and field values to be normal.
  3. Really awkward spacing here in the header. The padding between field titles and their values should be much smaller.
  4. Inconsistent use of icons for field toggles. One is a toggle switch, one is an ellipses. I would also argue that at some point, toggling field visibility on the parent entity should be done in a single location instead of 2 separate locations.
  5. Inconsistent use of font styling for “+ link/create/new” buttons. I know these are technically different since one is used for creating/linking entities and one is used for creating fields/objects, but I would make them the same. I prefer the smaller treatment used for the “+ Link or create” as it shouldn’t be the same size as field names and values.

Somewhat related…
I know it’s a very new feature, but the expandable header’s UI is really rough. It ultimately wouldn’t really be needed at all if you could just put any field in any order in any column. Is that where things might be going?

I wish we could decide where any field gets displayed, regardless of if it’s a relation or a document/whiteboard, or a comment, or a file, or a normal, static field. True flexibility on what field goes in what column would be bliss.

Adding a layer to that, letting entity layouts to be customized different for certain users/teams is increasing important to us, as some fields are relevant to half of our users, and other fields for the other half of users. We don’t want to have to create and maintain mirrored databases just so different sets of users see clean, contextually relevant fields when looking at an entity.


Thanks for all the visual refinements!

Yes please!


Amazing updates - thank you! Could you extend the secondary dates to calendar view too? It would be great to have a calendar that shows the due dates of tasks and allow me to organise my time by drag and drop of when i plan to work on them. Here is an example i made years ago to request something similar from clickup (also includes actual worked on dates but not necessary to go that far if 2 sets of dates is maximum possible).

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Secondary dates would be perfect for the example you describe. It totally applies to one of our most important things we use fibery for (resource planning for our teams).

But: as is now, it is unusable for us - As only the primary date range can be dragged and adjusted, the actual date range needs to be our primary one. We create the task directly in the timeline view. I can’t see myself our my team manually updating a second date range (planned date range) for each task when creating a task… might seem small, but I just know that it will be forgotten half the time.

Is there any way to use a rule to fill the secondary date? I tried, but it said The last run result is not viable :thinking:

What I was trying to do: when a task is created directly on the timeline, the actual date range (primary) is - of course - set. In our case, this is the planned date - until it is adjusted. So for us, it would solve the problem if an automation sets the planned date range when the task is created by using the actual date range dates from step 1. This did not work though. Any advise?

do we have any example or use case for using color coding ? I’m not using that much

The rule should be added on Entity Creation, like this. Then when you will create an entity on a timeline it will set dates correctly. But if you change dates on timeline or anywhere, nothing will happen.

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Secondary dates are awesome! I’d love to use them, however the restriction to “one entity per lane” mode is just too tight for my use case. :frowning: Is there any chance the feature will be rolled out to the other mode as well later? (On a side note: I would actually love to set that toggle either per entity or per swimlane, and not just for the whole view)

We have zero ideas how to make it work for usual mode, since you can have many entities in a single lane and it will be very messy… Hiding some dates also will be weird.

My (probably naïve) approach would be to to think about the “lane occupation” as something like “word wrap”. If an item “requires” some space, others would wrap around it. That is, as I understand it, the way the “one item per lane off” mode behaves, since sometimes things are on different “rows”, and sometimes they are on the same row, depending on whether their dates overlap. Couldn’t it work the same for the “larger” secondary box? If space is needed, because the entity has a secondary date that overlaps with another entities boundaries, then a new row will open. But it would allow all other instances (where no overlap occurs) to share a row for compactness.

Edit: In keeping the analogy, for me the “one entity per lane” button is like “insert a newline after each word”, which is not the same as automatic word wrapping due to space constraints, and except for the Gannt-chart type examples you showed for timeline view, I fail to imagine how that would be useful (in timeline view or a word processor :wink: )

Thanks for the feedback!

That’s the goal, yes. We are moving there :slight_smile:

Makes total sense, we are preparing the foundations for this as well.


I have other same usecase for this, I wanna this day view in timeline for scheduling shifts for employee

Calendar view please!
I am using css to customize it now as a workaround.

You may be able to achieve this using board view, if you use a database of days (and auto-link items). It would not allow drag and drop between days though.

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Your idea was very good, we did it this way. Will be in the next release


will this display the number (-) (+) like this to quick visual the different ?

It appeared to be hard to implement, so we decided to skip it so far.

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