November 17, 2022 / Form View 😍, Timeline and Calendar relation Views

Form View

Finally you can create Form Views in Fibery and capture data from random people all over the world! Check the blog post with more details and give us feedback to improve Form View in the next releases. Forms were in experimental mode, in this release we’ve added:

  • Default values for fields
  • Hidden fields (so you can set default values and setup some automations on top)
  • Relation fields
  • Form Icon

Try to setup some Forms and give us any feedback you have to help us prioritize next features for Forms View.

Timeline and Calendar relation Views

Now you can setup Timeline and Calendar inside any entity.

For example, this is Features Timeline inside Form View Product Area that shows all features related to Form view.

And here is the good example of a Calendar View that shows all public holidays in Poland (we use this to track vacations properly).

Customize units for User mentions

Now you can customize units for User mentions as well. It can be useful to see who is on vacations or sick, for example. Check it out:


Zoom buttons on Timeline View

Zooming on Timeline was not intuitive (especially if you don’t use touchpad), so we listened and added zoom buttons to educate people and make it discoverable. Enjoy!

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Renaming App breaks Favorites
  • Gitlab integration: make Status as a Single Select field
  • Change text to on database screen with entities restriction
  • Public id gets changed on restoring view/doc
  • [PanelCapturingErrorBoundary]: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘documentSecret’

I’m so thrilled with where forms are at!

My top five, scratch that, six next requests (for now, possibly posted in the wrong place, probably already on a list, and in order):

  1. Filter relation drop downs based on a formula or filter (ex. don’t show events in the drop down that are in the past (Done) based on the Workflow status or date. For my use case, it would be very helpful to narrow the list down to one event type and status. :smile:
  2. Conditional logic for hiding/filling fields (do you ever foresee adding multiple pages to a form? I only have a couple use cases but am curious.)
  3. Now that it is more public facing, the need for week start on Sunday and 12-hour time is greater where I live.
  4. Payment integration (Stripe for me)
  5. Custom CSS
  6. Different embed codes in Share button

Thank you for prioritizing this feature as it will greatly reduce integration/entry time and move all of us one more step to using Fibery for everything we possibly can.


Thank you for the feedback!

This is the next major feature for us, but we will start from ALL relation fields in Fibery and then add it to Forms.

So far we are reluctant to add Conditional logic, we want to accumulate cases and make sure that this is really needed.

Not sure what you mean here, can you describe a use case?

We will add more customization like background image and colors, but not sure about CSS…

This is coming text week (iFrame), do you mean something else?

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Yeah, we are getting rid of Typeform ourselves :wink:

Makes sense. Even better!!!

I both love and hate it. It can be challenging to maintain, so always looking for ways to reduce it, but it really does make certain forms function in a unique way that allows a needed process to occur based on responses. I will think on this more and other ways to handle it with Fibery forms.

We currently have quite a few forms that collect payments for events, classes, and donations. Having the payment directly tied to the entity is a nice feature versus redirecting to a payment site or some other method. I’m certain this is a larger feature to implement, especially with the amount of payment gateways that exist, but doing the top 2 or 3 would be nice.

That works great. Custom CSS isn’t a need, just a nicety to make embedded forms match the website style.

Yes and no. iFrame yes, but I didn’t know if you considered a javascript embed similar to Jotform. I am NOT a web developer, so not sure if there is a difference in this based on how the form page is designed.


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One other thought. Validation of correctly formatted phone and email fields is even more crucial when it could be the public inputting the information versus someone internally.


We’ll move now all HR related stuff to Fibery. We used Breezy before, but with this, we don’t need it anymore… maybe embedding documents inside websites would be great to have so we can embed the content of the JD and style based on our brand.


I am super excited about forms! This is a fantastic release. Below are my dream items for forms, but already this is awesome.

  1. Form view inside of smart folders (with the smart folder level becoming an auto-defaulted hidden field on the form)

  2. Filter relation control (very excited for ‘Filter and sort in relation field selector’ roadmap item)

  3. Conditional hidden logic
    → Allows one form with a lot of functions for a single database rather than a lot of specific forms.
    → My immediate use case: lessons learned database. One of the reasons I am sold on Fibery is because I can design a system that connects relevant lessons and key information to a user based on their current needs. Forms offers a way to add in items that can’t be captured by normal Fibery use. But capturing that knowledge should be as frictionless as possible. Being able to select a choice from a single-select (“what kind of lesson are you submitting?”) and then having the relevant fields appear would be very useful. Without this, there are fields that ideally should be required or hidden but might be applicable in some scenarios.

  4. Within relation dropdowns, ability to customize fields shown within the relation picker

  5. Customizing the ‘Thank you for submitting’ page
    → Loop button to submit again
    → Rich-text fields where you can add a transclusion of a view. This is useful for feedback of the submission and seeing what other items should be submitted. An alternate approach to this would be the ability to launch a form view from a button and then return to the view/entity after submitting

  6. Customizing the banner and adding an option for the workspace logo as the icon


Ordering A-Z of relation
When I have a relation field type in Fibery (on the “one-” side), entries are ordered A-Z when I open the select menu.

But when using a relation in the the form, entries are not ordered A-Z.

Not sure if that is already on your roadmap, but otherwise, can we fix that? I’m talking about the default sort here.

This is how it looks in my Fibery entity view:


And this is how it looks in my Fibery form view:


Not sure if this is true for multi-select menu as well.

I get in some cases you might want sorted by most recently added - but I rather have some consistency with how the field behaves in the Form view with how it behaves in Fibery entity view.

Love the new improvements with relation fields, default values and hidden fields.

Fibery flexible domain + Forms that can use relationships = :sparkling_heart:
Already so useful.

I just need to figure out a way to connect some security to form submissions (we use Microsoft/Azure AD)…

This is a bug, we will fix it


This is great. I have been looking forward to the forms.

My big problem, however, is that I want to use the forms internally for Fibery users. They seem not to have been made for this use case? Why are the forms in Edit mode, not Fill-in mode by default?

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Forms are in fill-in mode for non-Creators (majority of users I think in any space). But we have some better ideas to mix forms and Add buttons.


Great. Thanks.

It would be awesome to be able to switch myself out of creator mode (when I’m an Admin)


I agree on the admin-mode switching. FYI there is a feature request on that in the community:


This please, it still trips me up after 1… 2? years of using Fibery.

Yeah this was not obvious at all and I thought it was a odd design decision to make forms public focused - to the point where I started creating documentation linking to the public form page for internal use.

Table view is now the only missing view :sweat_smile:

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Feed view too, I suppose :slight_smile:

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You’re right. My apologies to Mr* Feed view :hugs: