"Non-admin" mode for admin :0)

In short:

The ability to switch to a mode in which all settings (links) available to administrators are not visible.


In day-to-day work in a “flow” state, all these unnecessary links (apps, buttons, menu items) are very distracting. Excessive cognitive load.

Solution options:

The solution is generally universal and most likely has already been discussed on the forum. A set of pre-configured interface types, with the ability to switch between them.

As an example, how this is implemented in Planfix:

Planfix allows you to customize your interfaces for different users of the system. An interface customized for a specific group or a specific user is called a Workspace. Workspaces make it possible to significantly simplify the use of Planfix, since the user will only see the amount of system functionality that he needs in his work.

Several workspaces may be available to the Planfix user. Switching between them allows you to quickly move from one operating environment to another. This is especially true for managers and those employees who are involved in the work of different departments of the company.


I often suggest to people that if they are admin that they have a second user account that is a regular member so that they can be productive in using Fibery when they are not actually in the process of configuring it.


Then let’s clarify :grinning::

  • Plan “Solo”?
  • I have 4 users. Add 5th user and pay 5 times more?

It is clear that the easiest way is to create a separate user. But this is not always the best solution: 0)

The example from Planfix is actually a good one. Since it covers more cases than just an example with an administrator.


It’s not clear to me that the Planfix description describes the possibility to define multiple views for the same person, which seems to be your request (?) but rather different views for different people (based on their job roles).

Fibery allows you to define groups and different permission levels for users and/or groups, and the permission level affects the visibility of various elements.

But overall, I think having a toggle that allows an admin user to switch to non-admin view is a good idea :+1:

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I will describe how it works specifically in Planfix:

This is a separate class of settings, separate from the access settings.

You customize the interface elements, what to show and what not. In what form to show. Which items are opened by default when you log in or in applications.

You conventionally call this set of settings “For managers”, “Working with requests”, etc. Separately in “Access to workspace” you specify which employee can use this set.

For example, the system has 10 pre-configured workspaces (interface presets). I have access to 2-3 of them. Accordingly, I can only switch between them.

The administrator in the same way can switch to the set, where all unnecessary is disabled.

The idea behind these settings is to reduce cognitive load and simplify the interface. You only see what it takes to get the job done.

I am currently working on an article - one kind of interface. Analyzing the research results - a different kind.

But okay, these are all lyrics and Wishlist: 0) In Planfix, the implementation is also far from ideal at the moment. But the very idea of ​​such a “focus” of the UI is very good.

Follow the gif link. The size is large, does not allow you to attach to the post.

In this form, it will already be enough


I am strongly in favor of this sort of “mode switch”. It is different than but still I think quite similar in concept to this idea I had some time ago for how to make writing in block-based editors smoother:

Quite simply stated, the reality is that in most tools we spend far more of our time creating “content”/data than creating “structure” or administrating. However it is a very nice thing to have editing capabilities easily and quickly accessible. A great example of this is the drag handles on Entity views. Sometimes I am using an Entity view, have no intention of editing it, but suddenly realize I’ve had some friction using a particular field for a while now, and I want it to be in a different position, or have a different name, etc. In these times, the ability to edit the Field config immediately, on the Entity layout is fantastic. But 99% of the time I don’t need that, so the drag handles are distracting, and even occasionally result in an accidental (though usually easily correctable) repositioning of a field. As I have discussed elsewhere, they also mess up the tab order (still not fixed :roll_eyes: ).

This seems like a small problem, and in many respects it is. But it’s also one of those things that contributes to the Fibery interface being more “heavy” and perhaps intimidating for some new users. And, as I mentioned, it subtly but very definitely gets in the way/distracts/etc. for me as a well-versed admin user too.

Long story short, I agree there should be admin vs. non-admin mode for a given user (if they have appropriate permissions of course). This could be a simple toggle on the workspace dropdown in the left-hand menu, to make it global, or on individual Views perhaps, though I think the global toggle is probably best. And I think it should remove e.g. Configure App and Create New View buttons, as well as remove Entity rearrangement controls. That said I would also like a simple modifier key to bring at least some of that back very quickly. See above the linked post about the usability enhancement for block-based editors (there I propose holding down the Alt key to temporarily enable admin-type, e.g. layout, modifications).


It seems to me that there are two separate needs here:

  • a simple toggle for switching admin to non-admin and vice versa
  • ability to define multiple ‘view personas’ for which each user can switch between depending on the nature of the tasks they are undertaking at any point in time.

Obviously the latter has a lot more implementation complexity to it :grinning:


At first I wanted a non-admin mode, then my appetites grew :innocent:


Isn’t there a planned ability for different views/layouts of Entities anyway?

I think the ongoing blocks work may help with improving the entity view, but perhaps not explicitly allowing multiple alternative layouts.
Beyond that, individual layouts is certainly on the timeline, but hard to know when it will become WIP.

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Fibery feels different for “normal” users vs “admin” users.

By “normal”, I mean a user who cannot adjust how Fibery works (e.g. adjust schema, create databases, etc). The cognitive load on normal users is lowered, as they don’t see lots of option that allow them to adjust how Fibery works.

Currently I have a separate test user within Fibery, so I can understand how thing will look and feel for our normal users.


  1. Ability for an admin to impersonate a USER, so I can understand how Fibery LOOKS for them

  2. Ability to toggle these super powers on or off. For example, once we have created and fine tuned our Fibery workspace, I want to use Fibery as our normal users do, so I fully understand how the system works for them and I’m not distracted with options I do not need. This also means when I am working with Employee’s / sharing my screen, we see the same interface.


I actually in favor of both of those ideas (I think they are complementing each other)

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This has become an issue for me for adding new relationship options. Certain databases are read only for everyone. But as an admin, if I’m moving too quickly, I’ll mistype and accidentally add another entry into that database. Now there’s a redundant item that is the same as an existing entity but slightly different. This is a hygiene issue. If I don’t catch that I did that immediately, I have to go and manually merge these two entities together.

A partial fix for this problem could be the ability for admins to “lock” a database. It can still be updated and used in relationships, but no one (including them) can add new entries or modify non-relationship aspects. Then if an admin needs to add anything new, they could unlock. Just a simple check similar to how Fibery makes you write “delete” when you want to delete a database with information.

This might need a different idea submission since it’s slightly different from a2say’s original idea.


I have two modes with which I work in Fibery:

  • I want to edit the models / database / schema
  • I want to get work done

I’ve have considered having two accounts, so that my daily driver doesn’t see the database views when I click on a space, but this feels hacky.

I think I’d prefer to toggle “admin mode” in settings to hide/show the database stuff, and when it’s disabled, only see my views.

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I am also highly in favor of well-chosen, easily accessible “modes” that can help reduce cognitive load. Admin (edit config) vs. User (actually using the setup, entering and changing data, etc.) is a great example.

One place where I’m most-often distracted by this is in Entity Views, where the drag handles and ellipses menus keep appearing for every Field on-hover. :smile: It’s a little thing, but I do think it contributes to a feeling of “cognitive load”. I’d love a simple toggle in the User Profile dropdown just like the Dark Mode toggle. “Admin ← → User”, simple as that. Because I do believe it needs to be very fast and easy to switch between modes! One of the great things about using Fibery is how accessible modification is when I need it. While moving fields around is distracting 90% of the time, the ease with which I can move things in that 10% of time (probably less, really) is brilliant. I don’t want to lose that by having to go into a Settings Area or something.

Perhaps an alternative “quick toggle” for e.g. moving fields while in “User Mode” could be a hotkey, e.g. hold down Ctrl and all the drag handles show up.


I am probably naive here, but shouldn’t it be fairly easy to allow admins to change their own user role from “:crown:Admin” to a new user mode like “Admin - user mode” which has the same rights as a user except the additional right to change the user mode back to :crown:Admin?

The approach of a second user is more complicated when we have Fibery configured to only allow SSO logins, and I have to convince our domain admin to give me a second account…

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Same here with regards to SSO - have extra users to run as non-admins is not possible/practical.

Just found out about this topic because a mention of Chris.

This would be really helpful since we will build the whole workspace for our clients. They don’t have knowledge of Fibery at all. But they are admin since they are the license holder and owner of the company.

We’ve built quite a lot of workarounds in Fibery to:

  • provide functionality that is not native available in Fibery
  • make it as easy and dummy proof as possible for the user

Sometimes we’ve created multiple formulas and a shitload automations. For example for our build in planning system and CRM.

It would be really helpful that our clients can’t accidentally delete or change stuff :sweat_smile:


Maybe we could have a selector for each User, allowing them to choose a lower User level than their actual level, and Fibery would then “pretend” they are only that level of User…
but they can always change it when needed.