"Non-admin" mode for admin :0)

sounds awesome!

Sorry, I’m late to the party, but I also want this.

Kinda in line with my FRQ for Admins’ abilities to view Fibery as a different role, I would love as an Admin to be default in a non-config mode and only enable “Edit Mode” when necessary.

For example:

  • Single-selects automatically add options for Admins, I’d want that to be a conscious choice
  • Spaces automatically get me into the database list
  • Hiding/rearranging views happens easier

In the end, some of my team members will be Admins or Editors in spaces and will inadvertently “re-arrange” things that should not be re-arranged. Sure, we can argue that they need to be careful, but to me it’d be easier to be generally in an “User” mode and have a toggle somewhere on the top to switch into a “Config Mode”. Over time, that config mode will be less and less used anyway as things solidify.


What I would like in non-admin mode, is that all links/relations that now require Alt-click in order to become a clickable link, to just be a clickable link. This is for my users the most workflow hindering feature, which assumes that you always want to edit a link instead of merely using it. Examples are the pinned fields at the top of entities, and the relation fields in lists and boards.

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Why do you feel that this is a need specific to a non-admin mode? Wouldn’t you like this to be the case for admins and non-admins?

Yes, not having to use alt-click to navigate to a relation would be my preference for admins and non-admins.

But I see that my answer did not directly relate to the ‘non-admin’ switching feature requested. I was more pointing to an improvement of the user interface that better suits content creators and users than the structure creators/admins.

I think that whether a field is a clickable link or en editable fields, needs to be a field setting.
For example if a relationship to a parent item has more the purpose of navigation 99% of the time, it needs to be a direct link. If it is a tag field, then still I’d prefer it to be clickable links, since they are mostly used one time during creation of the entity, after that they are used to navigate by users (to list the tagged entities).

I am interested in this feature too, at least to have a switch to exclude all schema/fields/views editing in a workspace - just being able to create and edit entities, also to avoid unwanted modification.