Hide People/User for non-admins

  • Currently: all users can see all other users, including their e-mail. This is a privacy issue.
  • Idea: allow only admins to see all users.
  • Use-Case: We work with external clients from different companies and they are not supposed to see each other’s e-mails

The issue is mainly about:

  1. “People” menu item in the left menu - if that would be not visible to all users, that would be already a huge win (why do members even need that?)
  2. User entities that can be found through search and other means - should not be accessible to non-admins

P.S. In the latest Sharing & Permission guide fibery asked to share pain points via intercom, hope I’m correct here

It’s coming…


Hey! Any update on this? This could allow for more public-facing apps, as well as inviting clients/investors/external people to your workspace without exposing all your team’s emails.

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Fingers crossed it will be delivered before winter sets in :slight_smile:

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