Login as Other User to see how their Permissions Look

In using Fibery to replace as many apps as possible - say 7 or more as @mdubakov has suggested, this would imply that you are including an expanded group of users, and the need to be careful about permissions would be greater. I have used some apps that give Admins the ability to “log in as another users” and test to see how permissions look, what that user can “see,” and so forth.

I think this would be particularly useful in Fibery, in particular with all the varied linking we have. I have often wondered about how much I’m linking is 100% only viewable to parts of my team, and not, for example, remote contractors who we utilize - and I’m sure many Product Teams use this type of resource too.

I would not call this a huge priority, but it would be useful down the road I’m sure to many others besides myself who want to have a good sense of how the permissions they’ve set up actually look “in real life.”


We are going to solve this problem differently in the future. When Admin navigates to a User, she should see all Apps/Types/Entities the user has access to and what exactly access.


Great Michael that you guys have thought about this, what you suggest I think is a good solution!


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