[PLANNED] Default Access Permissions

I’ve brought this up several times with the Fibery team and I do understand the open, transparent vibe behind the design decision to offer all users access to apps by default… but I really do believe a better design choice would be to grant people access to apps, rather than have it granted to every single user by default and then have to manually take access away.

To me, it just makes no sense to start building and testing a new app and have everyone have full access to immediately see and edit the test data and test types and watch it all develop. It’s confusing for them and seems to be a far more unusual preference than a common one.

I would think that far more common would be to spend time building and testing the app in an isolated setting and only once it’s ready, share access to all those who need it.

I personally find it to be quite a burden to have to continually remember and be conscious to turn off access to others when I’m creating multiple apps and building and testing and deleting and installing templates. It’s just disruptive to the process of freely building and testing.

At the very least it seems reasonable to have a system wide setting to toggle that default access preference on or off for an entire workspace.

Would be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts.


We do want to add default permissions for users, like No Access, Guest, Editor, Admin, etc. It means for every user you will be able to pick the role and this will be default access to any existing or new app. We were going to add this a few months ago but stuck with True No Access permissions feature and only yesterday released it fully. I hope we will be able to implement it next month, but that is not a promise. Anyway, it is VERY high on our priority list.

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That’s great news. Really pleased to hear that, thanks.

Although I don’t have a lot of issues with this myself because my team is currently very small, I am potentially spinning up another venture that will have more people involved, and I actually found myself wondering about a better permissions approach a few days ago when onboarding a new user. I agree that the default should probably not be “access to everything for everyone”.

The proposed solution from @mdubakov is interesting and would essentially resolve that problem, but on a per-user basis. Which does seem more flexible, e.g. you could make it so all admins automatically had access, but not regular users. I can see small downsides, but there will be a little bit of permissions adjustment needed no matter what, I think. Just being able to have some global effect or global default will make things much easier.