Adding new app with same name gives improper access


I have seem to run into an issue with permissions and app creation.

I created a new app via the Fibery dashboard for my personal use called “Personal Notes”, which only gave me access to the app as a Creator. Everyone else in my team had “No Access” set. This was working as expected.

Another team member created their own app, also called “Personal Notes”. When they “created” the application, they were redirected to my application and given permissions as a creator for the application. They were then also able to change the permissions of my app and lock me out of it without my approval.

Thank you,

@alexanderpg It seems both users are Admin. In this case all content is potentially accessible by all admins. I think you have to change role for this person to just User and in this case it will be not possible for him to access your app. Also it should be not possible to create two apps with the same name, system prevents that with an error. It is interesting how it happened…