Integration with Fibery

Hi, as we are just create a network of certified partners for our business we just come across with the idea to suggest them to use fibery as well. If we have this we could make an Integration between fibery apps of different owners. I understand with a flexible data and app model in fibery an integration might be a bit weak?! But in general it might be an idea to consider ?

Another more robust Idea would be to share a view externally on a authenticated or random URL?

I believe external workspace sharing is in the pipeline :slight_smile:

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I don’t get it, can you explain the case with a little bit more details?

You have fibery I have fibery, and we exchange data between our apps, or a shared app. I don’t like to maintain users from Your organization and you not from my organization. Somehow as shared/federated Slack channels between apps.

May it’s covered with upcoming “shared” workspace or Apps already?

That is smth not covered by Shared Apps.
Can’t remember such cases, telling the truth, but the idea is nice :slight_smile:

I suppose a workaround, for now, will be a manual integration of Fibery to Fibery via Zapier or Integromat. (or API :face_with_monocle:)

Reminds me about the SDk custom apps story we discussed the other day. Would be good to have a gint towards this

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Yeah basically this becomes an issue with all this identity management this days. Honestly I would not be responsible to maintain other users authentication realms and credentials. This tent to get rotted quickly as we don’t know the lifecycle of the other org.

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