Fibery users should be entities just like any other

“Can login” should be a trait or behaviour that can be added to types in Fibery.
I elaborate more on how this could work at Convert entities of one Type to another Type.

E.g. I don’t want synced github members, and then have to manage sync between github issue assignments vs Fibery user assignments. Instead, I want to be able to select github members and allow them to log in.

It’s an interesting idea, and would certainly help me in some circumstances (I want to be able to record all employees but only some are Fibery users).
Are you suggesting a checkbox at the Type level or the Entity level?

Also, what happens if you set ‘Can login’ to true for a Project or a Task?! :-/

I’m intrigued to see how the Fibery team will handle more garanular permissions, since this is definitely something in the pipeline.

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Depending on what your total need is, I think this would rely much, much more on an entirely separate feature that hasn’t been talked about much, if at all: login (or “authentication”) integration with other services, e.g. Google, Github, etc. Which I think would be a nice thing to have.

That said, it sounds like a good part of what you want is just to be able to connect a Fibery user/entity to a Github user/entity. Is that right? If so, can you get specific about exactly what you want that connection to do for you, what it will allow you to do that you can’t now? Do you really need Github users logging in, or do you just need to know that “John” on Github is also “John” in Fibery?

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