CHANGELOG: October 29 / Some improvements and fixed bugs

Not so many items today.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Intercom: Tags and Teammates sync added
  • Intercom: Add Links to original conversations in Intercom
  • Integrations: Add a possibility to disable sync

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • App Sharing: It’s impossible to share app with entities because entities, views and types from the whole account are taken in account
  • Single Select should have a Collection of entities in its side to calculate formulas when required
  • “Show all” button is missing for read-only to-many relations

:snail: Misc

Check the latest article about Integrations in Fibery.


Thanks for GitHub integration, it seems to be very useful.
Do you have in plan improving this integration by syncing Issues from repo to Fibery type (e.g. Bug)?
I mean, creating Issue (much better will be creating Issue with special label ) in Github, automatically creates Bug in Fibery and vice-versa.

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This is in the nearest future plans. By default, we are going to sync all Issues. Will it work for you?

Yes, it should. Thanks!!!

Hi there :slight_smile:
GItHub issues are already here and you can have a try🧐

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Github sync to Fibery is great. I think for eg. User Stories and PRs, everything makes sense: you create the story, then at some other point you create one or more PRs for it.

In contrast, I’ve found the bug/issue thing a bit tedious, because I mostly feel I’m just doing duplicate work to create bugs in Fibery and matching issues in Github. I thought about just not using Fibery bugs, and just using issues, but then you can’t create bugs from within Fibery, which isn’t too fun.

Would love to see sync from Fibery to Github happen if possible (or if this is already possible, that would be great!)