CHANGELOG: November 5 / GitHub Issues sync, Bug fixes

GitHub Issues sync

Now you can fetch and sync all Issues from GitHub repository.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Sorting by parents on the board hides entities without parents
  • App Sharing: It’s impossible to import App with the formula inside an enum
  • App Sharing: Confusing error when importing App(s) fails because of the timeout
  • App Sharing: Buttons are getting broken in the imported app
  • App Sharing: Initial state is set for all entities in the imported app
  • App Sharing: Relations to fibery/user are not exported
  • App Sharing: Document and Whiteboard extensions are ignored when sharing app
  • Search: Can’t use down arrow in search results when type capital letter
  • Search: Fix focus in Firefox
  • Formulas: It should be possible to use Comments and Files in formulas and lookups
  • Integration type settings are hidden when type editor is opened in popup mode
  • Oops error in an inactive browser tab
  • Smart Folders: Can’t select an item in favorites if it’s present in Smart Folder


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