Opportunities for "polish"

Not sure if this is a good idea, but I thought I’d start a list of what I consider minor bugs, issues, and perhaps even small missing features that I see as very clear opportunities to improve the “polish” of Fibery and make it feel a lot more pleasant (lower friction) to use for everyday work. Starting out this will be an unordered, uncategorized list. I may break it out further into categories in some way if it grows large enough. And I hope to update this ongoingly (and will try to cross out/remove anything that gets addressed).

Note that this list intentionally does not include some larger things that have been called “polish” recently, such as the Lack of Work Management features in Fibery (Reminders, Dependencies, Notifications, My Work, etc.). Whether those are easy to address or not, I consider them more to be “features” and deserve or require their own, dedicated discussion.

If I can encapsulate my intention here I think it would be that the majority of items listed here should not require much additional context or discussion to understand and address the problem (whereas improving e.g. notifications would).

  • Clunky creation process for entities with formula-based names
  • Enter key not supported to confirm date/time selection
  • Tab order on Entities is outright bad/broken (still)
  • :white_check_mark: Inconsistent and sometimes inaccurate title bar text due (I think) to Panels navigation
    • Sometimes the browser Title Bar shows the Entity name, sometimes the Database name, and sometimes the wrong entity name (e.g. when that entity is collapsed, but title bar still reflects that and not maximized doc, even on browser refresh)
  • Forced refresh with some panel navigation make things feel “jittery” and “fragile”/buggy
  • Necessity to Refresh some Views to get updated contents, e.g. with entity created via Automation (“no refresh” would be the ideal target)
  • Clicking on current location in Sidebar does not reload/refresh, thus I have to click to a different View, then click back, or press Refresh in browser
  • Inconsistent and often inaccurate display of current “location” in Sidebar
  • “Recent entity” list for linking on Entity Relations Lists shows outdated names for entities, both in the pick list and after selection. If you open the linked entity, the name is different! (name of the actual entity is correct, name in the recents list is the pre-formula result)

Also it seems fair to note that a number of these kinds of things do get fixed with most of the regular releases. These are ones that stick out to me based on how much they impact my workflow, and how long I think they have remained unresolved.

Updated 10/11/2022


Most of these things have been in our backlog, I’ve linked your feedback, and, thus, increased the chances of polishing happening.

P.S. Sometimes I feel like you apply for our Product Manager job in this convoluted way :sweat_smile:.



@Oshyan would be perfect for the role.

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Great, thanks! Do you have any advice/requests for how to handle additions I might want to make to the list above? I am not sure if Discourse will notify you if I edit the first post. I can be sure to post a Reply below and/or @ you. Or if you prefer I can just make a new topic, although ideally from my perspective I want to avoid cluttering up the forums with such “meta” things. Let me know what you prefer.

Oh yes, I am very convoluted. :laughing:

I would love to be able to actually work on Fibery. Unfortunately since I live in one of the most expensive places in the US, the salary sadly cannot support me here. And I’m afraid I cannot move for Fibery - I love your software, but I love the California Bay Area more. :wink:

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I suspected that might be the case. :slight_smile:

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I personally prefer “one topic = one problem” approach. This way it’s easier for other community members to contribute their use cases and for us to prioritize and share specific updates.

Ha-ha, I can certainly understand that :sun_with_face:

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Sure. My intent here was more to collect things that I think together collectively create a general “unpolished” feeling or which make working in Fibery not feel as good as it could. Obviously there are many such things, but these are my personal view of the most frequently-encountered ones. Other people’s view would no doubt differ. Maybe this is not a useful approach at all, but I thought I’d try it. :smile:

I have updated the first post. Sorry :smile: I’ll try to break these out into their own Topics as time allows.